Russian Government in Fairly Solving Economic or Social Issues

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RussianGovernment in Fairly Solving Economic or Social Issues

AlthoughRussia has one of the strongest economies in the globe, it facesdifferent economic and social challenges. For instance, thegovernment faces a challenge in the provision of employment to theyouths, which make them to engage in crimes and other issues such asalcoholism. There is an increasing number of Russians suffering fromhealth problems due to the use of tobacco and alcohol. The questionhere is whether the Russian government can be in a position to fairlysolve the social or economic issues it faces. This report will focuson the economic issues and will indicate that it is possible for theRussian government to fairly address its economic issues throughestablishment of policies that guide different economic challenges,which it faces.

Differenteconomic challenges have emerged as primary issues that affect theRussian government. Three of the most dominant include relyingprofoundly on its energy sector for economic growth, weakinstitutions, as well as social cohesion. These three elements havebeen critical to the economic performance of the country forinstance, the GDP of the country has been influenced by the oil andgas prices. Although these problems exist, the future solution liesin the policies that would be formulated to guide them.

Theeconomic policies that a nation develops are exceedingly vital ininfluencing the manner in which an issue is dealt with a problem maycontinue or even grow because of the policies that guide itsexecution. Policies that are weakly formulated are at a disadvantagein tackling an issue because they fail to address the problem in itsentirety. However, policies that are strongly formulated in tacklinga challenge usually concentrate on eradicating the problem.Therefore, the country needs to come up with policies that focus oneliminating the challenges individually, but not in wholesome becausesome problems may not have an interrelation making it difficult toresolve. For example, if the country desires to resolve unemploymentand price issues, there is a need to develop individual policies thatwill deal with the issue of unemployment and another set to tacklethe problem of prices. This is because, by combining frameworks, itmay become difficult to eliminate one of the issues fully or evenboth.

Inorder to develop policies that can address its economic issues, it isimportant for the Russian government to borrow its policies fromother countries that have experienced similar problems. Learning fromother countries may provide an excellent opportunity to establishworking policies. However, it is always crucial for the government touse its experts in the area so as to determine what it should takefrom the policies of the country under consideration and should notbe taken. Moreover, during the development of the policies to apply,the government should consider having a pilot study so as to evaluatewhether the policies can work towards the area of focus in case theydo not go well with the plans, they should be reviewed.

Inconclusion, it can be argued that the Russian government can be in aposition to fairly solve the economic challenges it has, throughdeveloping appropriate policies that focus on the individual issues.In the creation of the policies, it is always critical to involve theopinions of experts to ensure that they become successful.

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