Santa Maria dei Miracoli

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SantaMaria dei Miracoli

SantaMaria dei Miracoli is an ancient church located in the sestiere ofCannaregio, in the city of Venice, Italy. Alternatively called themarble church, it is one of the best-known examples of the pioneeringVenetian Renaissance that includes colored marble, semicircularpediment and a false colonnade of the pilasters. The church in aperiod exceeding a decade had its restoration by the organizationSave Venice. During the recovery period, it came to the architecturesrealization that the marble cladding of the church contained 14percent salt which was on the verge of bursting. Subsequently, theyhad all marble cladding removed where they proceeded to clean itsstainless steel tanks in distilled water. The restoration cost wasmore than 4 million dollars.

Thechurch had its construction between 1481 and 1489 by the great PietroLombardo. His intention was that the church would house a miraculousicon of the Holy Mother, Virgin Mary (Newark, 2003). However, in 1484they had to expand the plans of the church to include theconstruction of a new convent for St. Clare nuns to the east.Subsequently, the architectural designs had it that the conventconnected to church gallery by an enclosed gateway that was destroyedin the later years.

Theinterior of has its enclosure using a widebarrel vault by the utilization of a single nave. The nave has itsdomination by the use of an ornamental marble stair which risesbetween two pulpits, with statues by Alessandro Vittoria, TullioLombardo and Nicolo di Pietro. Additionally, the vaulted ceiling ofthe church has its division by the use of more than fifty coffersdecorated paintings of prophets of the old, work done by thecontemporaries of Girolamo Pennachi, Lattanzio da Rimini and Vicenzodalle Destre. is nothing but an exquisitework of art (Michelle Lee, 2015).

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Incoming up with Othello, Shakespeare made use of actual stories toform the basis of the plot in the play. He took some of his contentfrom historical books and some from the books that were circulatingat the time. Othello is a tragedy play written and performedinitially in 1604 but had its first publishing in 1622. The mostinteresting thing about the play is who ingeniously Shakespeareadapted the play, changing what was just but a bare narrative into anenticing and gripping drama full of intense suspense. The story hadan effective concentration in time and space, where there was theperiodic introduction of new characters to offer a double motive forseveral actions.

Sadowskiexplains the Othello is invaluable to the people and the city ofVenice. Citing proof from the book he explains that despite the factthat Othello was not a native of the city, his skill as a leader anda soldier made him an integral part of Venice. In my opinion, thevaluableness of Othello is evidently clear from the fact that thegovernment trusts him enough to put him in charge of the politicaland martial command of Cyprus. Additionally, I also agree with theauthor on his explanation that Othello’s exotic quality wasadmirable to both his friends and civic peers as evidenced by thefact that Brabanzio and Desdemona spoke highly of him with everychance they got.


Yourintroduction of the play and tease summary was just but enough to leta reader in on what the play is about. You have presented concretefacts that cannot be refuted whatsoever. You have placed the play inthe medieval times based on the presence of kings and castles, adebatable perspective. All in all, you did fine work in presentingyour play in the shortest way possible.


MerrittIsland is a census-designated locality in Brevard County, easternFlorida and has never experienced an earthquake. Nearly 62.88% of theIsland’s coverage is water. The island is home to numerousmigratory birds which join the most sedentary wildlife which includesmanatees, alligators, bald eagles, bobcats and the ever elusiveFlorida Panther. In the many years that I have lived in MerrittIsland, I have never experienced any major catastrophe.


Firstand foremost, I am glad that you are experienced the earthquake towrite the post. Your piece was informative to those of us who werenot aware of the fact that Los Angeles had its location on thePacific plate which constantly shifts its position towards Californiacreating an earthquake. However, what I would have liked to know arethe precautionary measures in place should an earthquake of a largermagnitude occur.


Thatmakes two of us since we come from the same town, Merritt Island.Should we say we are fortunate or lucky? I am glad you have clearlyand categorically put out the fact that the city’s topography andfrequency of earthquakes are consistent with its proximity to itsclosest plate boundary, thus we experience no earthquakes.


Othelloduring the first scene of the play remains distant from much of theaction that affects or concerns him. It was not until the beginningof the second scene that we come to know of this mystery man. Othellohad the consideration of being both racially and culturally differentfrom the Venetian ways of life. However, his set of skills as aleader and a soldier made him an integral part of the Venetiangovernment as evidenced by Cassio’s comment in the Senate.Additionally, Othello is put in charge of the political and martialcommand of Cyprus by the Venetian government which trusts him(Sadowski, 2013). Moreover, Othello had exotic qualities which oftendrew the attention of the very people that considered him their peerssuch as Brabanzio and Desdemona. Othello has the gift of gab which heoften uses to captivate his peers such is the time when he wooedDesdemona of his tales of adventure.


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