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Alaska49th State Brewing Co is based in Anchorage AK and has a good numberof workers in the brewing and restaurant divisions. Anotherrestaurant in Denali Alaska, which is seasonal, is also under themanagement of the firm. Important to note is that the company’smanagement operates under a strategic decision of management byobjectives as a leadership style. This style of management and orleadership has proved to be beneficial regarding the overallperformance of the firm. Over the years, focus on teamwork has shownthat the employees become more motivated and committed to their jobs,duties and tasks in the organization. Also, the approach has enabledthe organization to adapt to the ever-changing conditions in itsdynamic internal and external business environments.

Sofar, there have been no concerns about changing the leadership ormanagement style of the organization. The employees are free andencouraged to interact with managers and coworkers at personallevels, establishing official communication patterns about thebusiness with little bureaucratic measures. They are also able tooffer their opinions about the direction, enthusiasm and guidancemechanisms of the top management on platforms of periodic meetingsthat involve all members of the organization. The human resourcesdepartment is also open to feedback about the nature of work fromemployees at any given time. Even so, there are concerns that theleadership style of the organization has some shortcomings. Theprimary concern is that significant amount of internal information ofthe organization is pegged on some perceived sympathizers andcollaborators in the external environment of the firm especiallysuppliers and distributors in the Anchorage, which is the largestcity in Alaska. It emerges that immense measures of teamwork promotehigh levels of grapevine and more possibilities of leaking sensitivecompany information to the firm’s external business environment.What is more is that members of the top management tend to receivemuch information from grapevine in the enterprise leading to a senseof conflict of interest between the company’s objectives and thoseof its members.

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