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The need for research is increasing among students and evenprofessionals as they all seek to expand their knowledge.Entrepreneurs have identified a market gap for the investigativeservices and have developed companies that can obtain the informationon behalf of others. The firms have ventured into the industry usingdistinct approaches that ensure the needs of the clients aresatisfied. The paper seeks to contrast the services and tools ofIpsos Mori and BrainJuicer companies that are involved in marketingresearch. The comparison aims to explain the advantages of utilizingthese research firms, provide reasons for insourcing as opposed tooutsourcing the investigative services, and discuss how the researchtools might enable more businesses to complete an internal study.

BrainJuicer and Ipsos are research agencies that have thrived in themarketing industry over the years. They are both global enterprisesthat have managed to acquire their particular clientele in themarket. Their clients work within departments such as retail,finance, media, and the public sector among others. A comparison ofthe research services employed by the firms’ shows that BrainJuiceruses Desk research, online platforms, mystery shoppers, and onlinefocus groups (BrainJuicer Group Plc., 2016). On the other hand, IpsosMori uses Omnibus services that include face-to-face survey, online,telephone, international, and Request a Quote (Ipsos Mori, 2016). Thecompanies employ different techniques to ensure the work is done, buttheir choice of what service to employ varies across projects and itseffectiveness. An analysis of the tools applied by the research firmsindicates that they are unique to each business. For instance, Ipsosuses the Time Warner Media Lab to study the consumer behavior, LiveStream to evaluate campaign data for advertisements on sales, DigitalImmersions for reviewing pricing, IT Express and Online Dial Testing(Ipsos Mori, 2016). On the Contrary, BrainJuicer uses tools such asthe Quali-Taxi that allows the firm to engage in qualitative researchthrough emotive mind reading. The company recently partnered withZappiStore, which enabled the firm to apply more modern tools ofresearch such as the Ad Testing Express and the Face Trace®(BrainJuicer Group Plc., 2016). The new methods are believed tosupport automation and embrace the changes being witnessed among theclients of the company.

Organizations are required to know the needs and behavior of theircustomers as well as competitors. Under such circumstances, themanagers decide to work with research firms such as BrainJuicer thathave a high reputation for its work (Brown &amp Wilson, 2012). Oneof the advantages of utilizing these companies is that one gets tohave an expertise opinion on an issue. The research organizationstend to hire highly skilled people to work in the various sectors.Therefore, when a business decides to utilize their services, theyare assured that the team shall provide an added value to theirenterprise in the future. Another benefit of outsourcing the researchservices from Ipsos or BrainJuicer is that it promotes efficiency. Anorganization gets to save on resources such as the time that wouldhave been spent conducting the project (Brown &amp Wilson, 2012).Besides sparing the materials, these companies use advancedtechnology, their staff consists of diversified talented individuals,and have reliable sources of information that enable them to providehigh-quality reports within the agreed deadline.

The decision on whether to utilize the research firms as opposed toan in-house team tends to be a sensitive one among most firms. Thecompanies that decide to insource the service do so to save themoney. They consider it to be cheaper because they believe theoutsourced companies are businesses that aim at making a profit(Brown &amp Wilson, 2012). Therefore, another reason why anorganization may decide to utilize its in-house team is that theinvestigators involved in the study understand the needs of thecompany. It is also beneficial as it allows the managers to controlthe research. When a firm hires a research organization such asBrainJuicer, it hands over the entire supervision of the project, andthey only wait for the report of their findings. It becomes difficultto change any aspect of the study when someone else is in command,but when it is an in-house team, the business enjoys flexibility.

Companies that decide to engage in internal research can utilizevarious tools such as article databases, encyclopedias, librarycatalogs, Google, and other Web Search techniques. One of the ways inwhich the tools can be applied by firms to complete internal researchis by providing them with various data sources. The workers get tocompile any relevant information that is appropriate for the study.Most of it is secondary information that can provide significantinsights to the company. Businesses can also complete their internalresearch by using the tools to obtain recent information. Forinstance, article databases allow the user to get texts from aparticular year or within a given period. Google also ensures thatwhen one searches for any information they access the most recentdata (Brown &amp Wilson, 2012). Therefore, businesses that areengaging in internal research may not need to obtain primary datafrom respondents since they can use the tools to get new informationfor the study.

In conclusion, research firms provide various services within theretail, financial and technological sectors that involve online,telephone, and desk research. They also use different tools such asLive Stream and Ad Testing Express. The benefits of utilizing theseresearch firms are the use of high level of expertise, and theypromote efficiency. A company can also decide to use its in-houseteam because it is cheap, and the manager has better control.Businesses get to complete their internal research by using toolssuch as Google as the techniques provide various data sources andrecent information.


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