Shadowing the senior dental hygiene student was amazing. Although I had

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Shadowingthe senior dental hygiene student was amazing. Although I hadprevious experience, today was much better because the senior keptexplaining to me about each area of the treatment and the reason touse the instrument for that field. She also kept me engaged with theprocedure all the time. There was no breaking of the infectioncontrol, and she followed all the criteria about it such as wrappingthe pen and putting the form in a plastic bag. She ensured taking hergloves out each time she left the clinic and moving the computerscreen by her elbow to keep it clean. The patient was managed well,and she kept asking him if he was feeling good or having anyconcerns. The patient wore black protective glass to protect his eyefrom the light and from any other thing that could damage it. Also,all papers she needed to use during the treatment such as thecharting form were wrapped with a plastic bag to keep them clean andwere handed to her. All of the things that she would need during thetreatment were around her, and that would manage her time. Moreover,the instruments were between the table unit and the movable table andthat gave her more space to arrange the instruments. The thing Iliked was when she changed the instrument. She explained to me whyand how to choose the right instrument each time. The communicationwas excellent between everyone in the clinic the patient, thefaculty and I. She was friendly with the patient and kept asking himif he was comfortable with the treatment and with every other thing.She also gave him a break to close and relax his jaws, and I saw howhappy and cooperative he was because she maintained excellentcommunication with him. The patient was a black African American, andshe treated him in a great way, and I did not see any racism. Shealso welcomed me to join her and inform the patient about theshadowing, and he also welcomed me to be a shadow.

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