Sherman Alexie`s Style of Writing

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ShermanAlexie`s Style of Writing

ShermanAlexie`s style of writing

Thestyle that is used by Alexie is quite different from that used byother writers. His style can be described as funny as it fails tofollow the normal way of writing. The style of writing used by Alexieinvolves short sentences and clear language that is easy tounderstand. He applies sentences that are not long as in the usualway of writing. He uses a language that is mostly used by the youngpeople. The language is open in that there is no encryption of anycontent. This style of writing is seen as a method that he uses toidentify with the young people and the problems that they go through.His language reflects the way he used to talk, think and interactwhen he was a young teenager of fifteen years.

Differencebetween Sherman Alexie poems and his stories

Alexiehas written various stories and poems that revolve around thestruggles of the Native Americans. Some of the struggles that heconsiders are alcoholism and poverty. Even though he writes aboutsimilar situations in both forms of writing, there are variousdifferences that are evident between poems and stories.

Tostart with, the stories are usually longer than the poems. This meansthat stories cover a larger content than the poems do. Even though heuses short sentences in both cases, poems have shorter sentences thanthe stories.

Storiesare seen to cover many themes in the content that is brought about.This is depicted by the fact that the stories are longer and henceaccommodate more content. His poems usually cover a specific theme.It is rare for a single poem to cover more than one theme.

Thelanguage that is used in the stories is direct and simple. Lessstylistic writing devices are used in stories. On the other hand,poems are written in a language that is not direct. It hence requiresthe reader to employ extra understanding to get the actual meaning ofthe poems.

Theparagraphs employed are usually long and have much content for thestories. In this case, the stories end up being quite long. Theparagraphs of the poems are usually short. The total number ofparagraphs for the poems is usually small.

Formand content

Thecontent of Sherman Alexie`s work is determined by the place he wasborn and brought up in, and what he had to go through in his tenderage. He was born in the United States of America, in a poor state inWashington DC. The problems that he faced are the source of thecontent that he brings out in his career of writing. The contententails the struggles of life he had to endure in his youthful age.This is illustrated below.

Shermantalks a lot about alcoholism. He tries to identify with the youngpeople that go through challenges as a result of their drunkardparents. His language is simple and direct as it is usually used bythe youths. His use of humor retains the feeling that the story orthe poem is real. Sherman also talks about the poverty that familieshave to endure while bringing up the children. Sherman usesrealistic words and swearing words that are not intended to depictany sort of violence. The content only reflects what many youngpeople go through in life, and how possible it is to succeedirrespective of the challenges.

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