Ship in the Woods

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Shipin the Woods

Shipin the Woods

Thedesign elements applied in the artwork are color, texture, and shape(Anthony, 2012). The art is brown in color. However, the base iswhite. Wood has a rough texture. The artist reduced the roughness byusing wood varnish. The artwork shows two busts that have the humanshape. The principles of design applied in the project are balance,proportion, and harmony (Anthony, 2012). Harmony is achieved becauseof repetition. The artists developed two similar busts that areconnected by one rectangular piece of wood. Balance is achieved bysymmetry because the busts are similar in size. The proportion of theart piece is normal because the busts are similar in size to theaverage human body.

Theartwork has several ideas and issues. The artwork has two busts thatare connected by a long rectangular block. The busts are developedusing the sculpture technique (Frits, 2013). The upper section of thehuman body is sculpted using wood. The main idea is making artworkusing wood. Wood is a readily available material in the environment.Any artist in any part of the world can access wood for purposes ofmaking artwork. The artist explains the connection of people in thesociety. The two busts are facing each other, and they are linkedtogether.

Theartwork is similar to other projects by the artist. This is becausethe common material for developing the artworks is wood. The artistacquires the wood easily and affordably. The artist prefers tosupport his artworks on rectangular bases. The base is importantbecause it ensures that the artwork is firm and stable. The commonfeature in the works of the artist is sculptures of human beings. Theartist prefers sculpturing because he has sufficient tools,resources, and skills.

Ifeel happy because the artwork is attractive. The two busts areproportional, and they are firmly supported by a white base and along rectangular block of wood. The artwork is located in the centralpart of the room to ensure sufficient visibility. I think that theartist developed the artwork because it is unique. It is the onlyartwork that I have seen that has two interconnected busts. Otherartists are encouraged to use locally available resources in theirart projects.

Iselected the art piece because it was easily accessible in the artgallery. It was strategically located in the middle of the art room.Any person, who entered the art room, saw the artwork first. Easymovement or rotation of the artwork is ensured because it is placedon a trolley. The art viewers can easily rotate the artwork so as tolook at all parts of the sculpture.

Theartwork is unique. It is made from wood, which is an easily availablecommodity. Connecting the heads of the busts using a piece of timberis not common in the art scene. The project is a good work of art.This is because it indicates the effective sculpture techniquesapplied by the artist.

Theart scale used in the artwork is proportional. The two busts aresimilar in size (Anthony, 2012). The size of the busts is alsoproportional to the real human body. On average, the size of the headand shoulders of the sculptures is similar to the actual proportionof the human body. The scale is important because it indicates theproportion of the artwork to the actual object, the human body.

Thekey material used in the artwork is wood. The subject matter is usingwood in art projects. Artists prefer wood for sculptures because itcan be cut and shaped easily. Applying paint or varnish on woodsculptures creates a shiny appeal of the artwork. Wood is durable andhence it is appropriate for doing artworks that can last for severaldecades. The material is affordable and can be accessed in any partof the world.


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