Short Essay Questions

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ShortEssay Questions


  1. From Elisa and Henry`s conversation throughout the story, it can be seen that their relationship is an unstable one. To me, it seems like the couple is isolated and are not well connecting in their marriage in that they are not interested in each other`s life. This can be noted when, while engaging in a conversation Elisa would only respond with short replies, &quotwhen Henry was talking about the farm’s harvest, all Elisa could utter was ‘yes’ they will be strong this coming year.”(Steinbeck 1). But when Tinker compliments Elisa about her flowers, she enthusiastically engages into the conversation.

  2. To me, it seems like Henry is trying to express to Elisa of the great admirations he has for her. In one way or the other, it could be that he is motivating Elisa to work in the orchards.

Qn.2) A &ampP

Theelement of hypocrisy comes about when Sammy quits his job afterward.To Sammy, he could not criticize the girls for wearing bikinis, butwhen Lengel confronts them, he felt like it was not fine and made thedecision to quit his job. This was viewed as an act to please thegirls who could care less about him. Upon leaving, he felt emotionalfor himself when he said, &quotI felt how hard the world was goingto be to me hereafter&quot(Updike, para 27).

Anotherexample of the hypocrisy is his comments on the subject about the wayof dressing in older women. His thoughts come out as hypocriticalwhen he states that, when women get into town, they are usuallydressed in shirts, shorts or something decent (Updike, para 10)however, three girls walk into the store wearing nothing but bathingsuits and according to Sammy, he felt they looked good.


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