Shoulder Joint Implant Description

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ShoulderJoint Implant Description


ShoulderJoint Implant Description

Replacementof the injured shoulder parts involves the removal and replacement ofthe joint of the shoulder through surgery. The prosthesis is theartificial component with which the detached sections areconsequently replaced. The treatment options available are replacingboth the ball and the glenoid, or just the ball replacement.

Figure1: Shoulder joint replacement (Wiater, 2016)

Theimplant involving full AC joint replacement is known as an entirereplacement of the shoulder joint. Where only the ball is changedthe process is usually known as hemiarthroplasty. The implantsrequired in replacement of the shoulder joint are the glenoid andhumeral implants. However, the concern will be about the humeralimplant of the shoulder joint.

Theimplant of the humeral shoulder joint

Thecomponents of the humeral shoulder work by supplanting the humerushead. It comprises of the alloys that are cobalt-based, or thechromium made in the shape of a round ball. The ball is fixed on thestem that is then attached on the bone. There are different sizes ofthe device of the humerous. It can be a single piece or an integratedunit. The specifics of the case determine the manner in which thisdevice is embedded. It can be according to the regional or generalanesthesia. An incision of approximately 7.5 to 10.3cm is made by thesurgeon on the front of the shoulder starting after the collarbone tothe point the deltoid connects with the humeral bone. The headsection enclosed with an articular tendon is then removed.

Figure2: The Implant of the humerous (Zimmerli, 2014)

Afterthat, the shaft of the humeral is cleaned and distended with thereamers to attain a void, which matches the stem shape of theimplant. The bone’s upper end is then smoothed to help theinsertion of a stem to the bone surface.

Figure3: The shoulder Humeral implant (Wiater, 2016)


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