Six Day War

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SixDay War

SixDay War

In1967, Israel and other Arab states went to war, which lasted for sixdays. The conflict over the regional water sources was one of theprimary causes of the battle (CrashCourse, 2015).The Arab League decided to divert the sources of Jordan River fromthe Sea of Galilee into Israeli national water carrier. Additionally, the Arabs rejected the Jews’ legitimate right toreconstitute their home in the Middle East. The Jews were purchasingland from the non-Palestinian landowners and evicting thePalestinians living and working there so that they could control bothland and labor (CrashCourse,2015).The Israeli won the war and gained control of the Sinai Peninsula,Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, and West Bank (CrashCourse, 2015).The Israeli forces conducted preemptive attacks against the Arabstates, which contributed to their victory.

Afterthe war, the United Nations passed declarations to promote peace inthe region. Israeli was required to withdraw from the territoriesthey acquired during the battle (CrashCourse, 2015).The participants were to recognize the rights of the Palestinian andIsraeli states. However, the Arab countries did not follow thoseresolutions. After the war in 1967, the conflict evolved into anIsraeli-Palestinian dispute where the PLO tried to establish aPalestinian state (CrashCourse,2015).On the other hand, the Israeli conducted violent invasions ofPalestinian territories. They started forming Jewish settlement inPalestine claiming that it is not a sovereign country (CrashCourse,2015).Furthermore, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) attacks werebecoming more intense within Israeli as Palestinians refused to payIsraeli taxes and boycotted their goods (CrashCourse, 2015).Besides, the PLO insisted that Palestine should replace Israeliinstead of coexisting. The two nations have failed to accept eachstate’s right to exist and the legitimacy of their historicalidentity. Hence, the only way to gain peace is by acknowledging thatthe war is not based on religious conflicts, but rather internaldisputes between Israeli and Palestine (CrashCourse, 2015).


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