Social Psychology Theory in Healthcare Unit

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SocialPsychology Theory in Healthcare Unit


PsychosocialTheory Driven Nursing Care

.Having good health is a dream of every individual. Application ofsociological and behavioral theories in these systems can help inachieving quality health care services[CITATION For10 l 1033 ].Sometheories applied in the management of a 65-year old woman wouldinclude Lazarus’ Theory of Stress, Coping and Adaptation and SocialNetworks Theory (McEwen &amp Wills, 2014). Application of Lazarustheory will help the patient deal with the stress she is having. Theprocess will be successful by making the patient understand thestressors. Anxiety could be one source of stress. The next step willbe to help the woman accept her situation. At this step, coping andadaptation theory will be applied. After treatment, helping the womanjoin a social group will help her meet other people where they canstrengthen one another[CITATION Car10 l 1033 ].

AgeSpecific Care

Ifthe woman was aged 25 or years old, then more counseling is needed tohelp the patient accept the fact since at that age, the lady is stillyoung. Erickson’sDevelopmental Theory will be used to organize on the different stepsin her treatment program. Various stages are used in treatment ofpatient at different ages.

PsychosocialTheory and Breast Cancer Awareness

Inbreast cancer awareness, social psychology theories for example,thehealth belief model (HBM) have been applied through influencing thewomen to go for screening and also helping the women understand theimportance of any procedure taken to treat cancer[ CITATION McE141 l 1033 ].The theories are also used to assist the ladies overcome stresscaused by the disease. For example, there is much organization formedlike National Breast Cancer Foundation,and they apply the theories. In the clinical units apply the theoriesin assisting patients to manage their health, stop the unhealthybehavior, treatment program and coping with stress. For example,maintenance of diabetes, quitting smoking, cancer treatment and muchmore.

PsychosocialTheories in Practice

SocialPsychology theories can assist in making treatment of a disease to apatient and also a physician. The simplicity of the procedures isbecause of the concepts used in these theories. A person can applydifferent theories depending on a situation it would be the work ofhealthcare providers to choose the best theory to apply.Theoryof Reason Action (TRA) has been used to ensure acceptance of newequipment in the health care facility (McEwen&amp Wills, 2014).


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