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Peopleare referred to as being poor when they are unable to cater for theirbasic needs and hence leave in a situation of deprivation from thesame. Under normal circumstance, people within societies identifywith standards of living based on their economic capacities- creatingthe ideology of social location. Typically, the people tend toidentify with those they consider as ones experiencing the samequality of life. The United States of America is one of thewealthiest nations of the world, over and above being the superpowercountry. Nonetheless, a look at statistics indicates that the countrysuffers from a situation of the substantial poverty rate. Accordingto (2016), and in the year 2015, the country has a povertyrate of 13.5%. Such implies that in a nation of a little over 300million citizens, close to 45 million of them live in poverty.

Theprimary variables discussed when it comes to the subject matter ofpoverty in the country include but are not limited to nature offamilies, education, race, immigration, and low wages. It isimportant to note that the aforementioned variables imply socialattributes of the society. As such, it as the stereotype that malesare inherently dominant over females (need for father figures insingle mother families) and that whitesare superior to the other races in America. More so, good portions ofpeople thought to be among the poor are immigrants and those fromfamilies with poor educational backgrounds or foundation. It isappalling to note that media agencies in the country base most oftheir reporting about poverty based on stereotypes described above.

Forthe case of my local community, poverty creates challenges on theplatforms of healthcare, education, and housing from the perspectivethat some citizens are forced to survive with deprivation of somebasic human needs. Reforms by the government to provide universalhealthcare cover have been unsuccessful, to say the least. The littleprovisions of social security cannot also cater for the mentionedbasic needs. In my opinion, the government should come up withenhanced social security policies for people living in abject povertywith the aim of improving their lives, better to tax the rich alittle more concerning this matter.

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