Sonography and Ultrasound Abstract

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Sonographyand Ultrasound


Sonographyis a painless medical procedure. In this process visual images ofbody organs, blood flow and tissues are produced using high-frequencysound waves. Ultrasound and Sonography are similar. Ultrasound is aprocedure that is mostly carried out on a human body to enable thedoctor determines what is happening in the patient’s body, forexample, an ultrasound scan of a pregnant woman.

Sonographyand Ultrasound

Whenone has a condition, blood samples, urine samples and images ofdifferent body organs are taken and analyzed in the laboratory toestablish the disease they might be suffering (Jang, 2015). Toclearly see and understand what could be taking place within apatient’s body a scan may have to be carried out.

Signsand Symptoms

Vaginalbleeding and either pelvic or abdominal pain are the common signs andsymptoms of the type of pathology chosen for this paper. TheSonographic appearance, of the pathology, includes an empty uterus ina patient who has a β-hCG level above normal. There is also a yolksac within the gestational sac that is clearly defined and an adnexalmass as opposed to a simple cyst.


Thefirst step in preparing a patient for an ultrasound is to lay thepatient down on an examination table. Apply a water-based gel onpatient’s abdomen and pelvic area. Place a transducer on thepatient’s belly and move it to capture white and black boundarieson the ultrasound screen. A trans-vaginal ultrasound can be performedto obtain clearer images (Jang, 2015).


Ectopicpregnancy is a condition experienced by many women around the globe(Jang, 2015). The signs and symptoms discussed earlier are associatedwith this condition. Pregnant women are encouraged to go for regularcheckups to facilitate early detection of complications that mayoccur in the course of pregnancy.


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