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PepsiCooffers a broad range of products that covers more than one customersegments within the beverage industry. Nonetheless, the company hasdeveloped an unequivocal interest in a particular consumer segmentwhose common goal is taking measures that prevent them from becomingobese by reducing sugar intake (Bachmeier, 2013). They include thesenior generation at the age of 45 years and above. Both male andfemale persons within this age bracket fall in the mentioned targetsegment. This subgroup contains individuals who are college educatedor have a graduate or a post graduate degree and live in urban areas.Also, they lie within the middle and upper social classes. Thissubset has become more aware of health issues associated withcarbonated drinks and is constantly shifting to natural and organicproducts.

PepsiCompany has not been left behind and has been conducting continuedcustomer interviews to be able to come up with the best solution. Inthe meantime, the company manufactures beverages that contain smallamounts of sugar targeting this segment. Such products include thePepsi-Diet, bottled water, and other unsweetened drinks. Theseproducts are of value to the particular consumer segment in that theyaccurately match the user needs. They focus on creating usersatisfaction to customers who may feel neglected as a result of notblending the production carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

Currently,only 25% of Pepsi`s products are non-carbonated. However, with timethe corporation aims at shifting entirely to the production ofunsweetened beverages. The change is indeed what the consumers hasbeen looking for over a long time. It is the perfect solution to endthe challenges faced by consumers within the beverage industry. Thesolution ensures that PepsiCo is customer centered and maintains theuser needs at the heart of all production processes. Thenon-carbonated drinks will also provide a high utility which willcompel consumers to stick with the company and remain loyal to theproducts offered.


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