Statement of Intention

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Statementof Intention

Ihereby wish to make an application for the graduation school MBA tomajor in accounting. Transparency and accountability are my guidingprinciples as I work towards accomplishing my objective, as anaccountant, of making any firm efficient in its operations as far asaccounting is concerned. Enrolling in this level of education is partof career development, which has been my goal since I developed aninterest in the course. I believe that after completing it, myunderstanding and capability will have widened to make me competitivein the job market and to fit in any industry where my services willbe required.

Iam applying for this program because I majored in the same professionwhile I was taking the undergraduate degree from Wilkes University.Similarly, I took management as a minor course in the sameinstitution. There are other advanced courses which I studiedincluding the advanced taxes, managerial accounting and other topicsin business law. Before these, I was a student in the YanbuIndustrial College in Saudi Arabia where I had pursued higher diplomaof the associates’ degree in accounting and financial management.In both schools, I performed excellently by attaining a GPA of 3.14out of 4. The same points were achieved during the first degreestudies where I acquired the accounting and management skills at anadvanced stage.

Besidesthese qualifications, there are other achievements that I havemanaged to attain in the course of my studies to widen my masterly.They include Microsoft where I am very dexterous in Word, Excel, andPowerPoint. I am a bilingual person because of my proficiency inEnglish and Arabic languages both in writing and communication.Finally, I have skills in personal and interactive training coursesthat I achieved from Yanbu Industrial College in 2011.

Otherlearning experiences that demonstrate how motivated and inspired Iwas towards continuing with my studies are as explained. I was astudent assistant at the Wilkes University in the school of businesswhere I undertook tasks like assisting the professors with theresearch projects, compiling the relevant data, organization of theclass materials and also entering the grades to the universitydatabase. On the other hand, I took internship programs in differentinstitutions like the RAZ Management Services Inc., the Central Bankof the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Jeddah, and Saudi Arabian MonetaryAgency (SAMA). I was entirely included in the preparation of all themonthly and annual financial statements, making the journal entries,and assisting the auditors of the company where my services wereneeded. At SAMA and Central Bank, I was involved in the preparationof cheques for the clients, advising the customers concerning theirrights and partnering with the courts` systems to ensure that thedebts of customers were paid.

In2008, I was the accountant of Dream Dress Inc. Jeddah where Ireported the money related exchanges and investigating thealternatives of bookkeeping, reviewed the budgetary exchanges,simplified data to accommodate the relevant inconsistencies,financial statement reporting, and monthly billing. In the samecompany, I was promoted to the post of a senior accountant in 2011because of my excellent performance and my duties increased. Iprepared the journals and monetary records to fix any modification,performing the budgetary articulations and other general accountingtasks. I developed a reliable staff to enhance support and made theimpromptu reports. I was involved in management services at thecompany in 2012. I prepared and led the accounting staff, aided ineveryday operations and gathering of information, finished theobjectives amicably, directed and led other workers, ensured thatthere was consistency between outside and inward controls amongothers.

Allthe above descriptions show how better I am suited to this professionin attaining the short and long-term goals in my career as anaccountant.

Ican comfortably conclude that I am qualified and motivated to be asuccessful MBA graduate from the University. My performances at thegraduate level and the experiences gained from where I have workedhave added on the knowledge and skills in this discipline.

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