Stress Buster and Management Skills

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StressBuster and Management Skills

StressBuster and Management Skills

Iam a 22-year-old student of nursing. I am a caring, big-hearted,emphatic, compassionate and sympathetic person. I am highlypassionate about providing care for the sick people and servingothers and, therefore, have a high passion for nursing. I am veryinterested in this special online class since it is highly flexibleand convenient.

Inthis modern time, life is full of stress and one needs ways to helpin managing it. My favorite stress buster is keeping a diary. Writingin my diary reduces the amount of activity in my brain that may bedealing with stressful emotions. When I put the feelings I have intowords, I turn on self-control and hence regulate stress.


Afterassessing my time-management skills, I can rate myself to be fair. Ihave fair time-management skills because of the following I almostcomplete the tasks on time, I find time to ‘unwind’ each dayafter school, I always deal with issues one at a time, most of thetime I am punctual, I meet most of my goals and beat deadlines, Ialso have the information on how much time I spend working on a taskand lastly, I have set aside a time for drawing up plans andschedules (Griffin and Fleet, 2013).

Oneof my goals in life now is to prioritize tasks through severalorganizational skills. The area I need to prioritize now is mycollege. I need to improve my prioritization to ensure that I do wellin my studies. At this moment, study is the most important task andthus I need to award more energy, time and attention to it.


Istrongly believe that I am a good leader. This is because I believethat making a difference and I work in concert with other workers, Ialso make sure that I create something valuable that did not existbefore, I always exhibit positive energy and lastly, I fight forchange and actualize dreams and visions. I have an opinion thatleaders are made and not born, this is because a person can betrained on the skills of leadership and he or she will become a verygood leader.


Inmy college, I have severally helped other students in pushing theboundaries of things that can be done to improve learning. I havetriggered growth and success in my college and, therefore, I am achange agent. I have changed the lives of people by pushing forchange in school and the way things are done.


Inmy opinion, the mandate of 1 hour of gym class and 1 hour of recessin each and every day for all students from the federal government isokay. This means that the students will have more exercise. In themandate, even the HS students would have to add 30 minutes to theschool days. This mandate will ensure that the health and developmentof the students will be promoted. The mandate will also boost theperformance of students in exams.

Themandate New York City will limit the size of soda sold in variousestablishments. I agree with this mandate because it will assist inreducing diabetes and obesity in NY. High consumption of soda causesobesity and diabetes hence this mandate is a solution.


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