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October12, 2016

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Thisis about the increasing cases of drug abuse noted over the past threeyears. It is evident that most of our youths and young adults are nowaddicts of alcohol and drugs such as cocaine and Cannabis sativaamong others. I would like to inform you that the issue is now takingroot in our state and drugs are now used in public and social placeswithout any fear. Addiction to this drugs has now changed the goalsof our youths since they are now lazy and most of them are droppingout of schools just to pursue drugs. Despite the fact that theControlled Substance Act is currently in action, it is inarguablethat the law is not fully efficient. Therefore, I write to opposethis act and request an amendment to it if possible so that it can bemore effective.

Typically,the huge problem with substance abuse among the youths and the youngadults is the increasing cases of school dropouts. Addiction toalcohol and drugs encourages laziness among them thus they do notsee the importance of education anymore. Besides, another problemassociated with substance abuse is the increase of crime rate in oursociety. Once they take the drugs, there ego and courage raises andthey might commit crimes they would not commit if they were sober forinstance murder.

It’scrucial to note the impact of the Controlled Substance Act (H.R. 525-114THcongress) since it has played a vital role in reducing the volume ofdrugs being imported into our country. However, it is not effectiveenough to control the use of these drugs and it does not play a majorrole in the manufacture and transport of the drugs. Therefore, thereshould be an amendment to the law to ensure it is effective enough tohelp our next generation. For instance, there should be huge finesimposed to those found to be victims of substance abuse. Also, thelaw should be amended such that these hard drugs are only found inthe hospital and that if anyone is found selling them, then they willface serious charges in the court of law. Lastly, it is important tointroduce rehabilitation courses in our institutions to educate thepeople about the adverse impacts of drug abuse to a person and thecountry as a whole. This way, people get to understand the impact ofsubstance abuse on their health and it increases the chances ofshunning away from it.

Iwould like to request you in your authority to help us in curbing thegrowing problem of substance abuse. In your position, your opinionmakes an impact on what the House will finally agree on. Therefore, Iurge you to consider this issue to be of importance and help ouryouths and the young adults to live long and realize their dreams.Kindly amend the Controlled Substance Act so that it can be moreefficient in reducing the issue of substance abuse.

Lastly,I would thank you for considering my request and helping the manyyouths who had lost hope in life due to drug abuse. You can find methrough my email [email protected]



Headof the Movement against


Substanceabuse or addiction refers to the repeated use of drugs in certainamounts or methods that are harmful to the users. It relates to thedependence or overindulgence on the addictive substance that in manycases appear to be drugs or alcohol. Typically, most of the peopleattempt to use drugs just to fit in the society since others are alsousing it. Various states have different regulations regarding the useof particular drugs. The variation is due to some factors such asmedication among others. Therefore, it is the responsibility of anindividual to analyze the situation, and the laws governing him orher then make an appropriate decision regarding the use of particulardrugs. Classically, various factors lead to substance abuse amongmany people. For instance, while others might abuse drugs just forfun, others are forced to abuse them due to depression. On the otherhand, other people find out that they are addicts when it is too latefor them to recover (Betses&amp Brennan, 2013).Such cases are experienced when the person is using the drug formedical purposes then after a while they are just unable to dowithout the drug since they are addicted to it. Despite the variousclasses of the drug users, the side effects are the same to allbecause of the action of the body towards the drug.

Althoughit is widely understood that substance abuse is ethically wrong, itis exceptional for the group of people that use the prohibited drugsfor medical purposes. There are certain ethical issues related tosubstance abuse. Classically, everyone must analyze the impact ofsubstance abuse and make a sober decision on whether they are goingto use the drugs or they will shun from it. One of the major ethicalissues associated with substance abuse is its side effects (Behnke,et al. 2013).For instance, it is proven that the addiction to certain drugs suchas cocaine and weed has harmful effects on a person’s health.Therefore, it is the person`s responsibility to analyze the resultsthat they expose themselves to and make the appropriate decision. Itis widely known that the intake of drugs is ethically wrong unlessthe doctor has prescribed it. However, most of the people find thesubstances to have an advantageous characteristic such as relievingtheir stress. In the process, they find themselves using the drugregularly and in the process, they become the drug addicts.Additionally, considering some of the actions that have been seenafter the intake of this substances, one should use this to determinewhether it is ethically correct to use these drug or to shun awayfrom them. It is saddening to know that despite people knowing thatdrug abuse is wrong, they still cannot avoid using them since theyare so addicted. This creates the need for the authorities to step inand help them to avoid using the drugs. Research shows that substanceaddiction is the main problem to the growth of the nation and insteadit retards the economy. This makes it a big problem we intend to growand thus we must fight against the use of drugs illegally.

Inthe case of substance abuse, the youths, and the young adults are themost vulnerable population. According to a study done in 2014, theyoung adults aged 18 to 25 and the children aged 12 to 17 were foundto be victims of drug abuse compared to the adults of age 26 orolder. Most of them were reported to misuse drug and alcoholaccording to a report by the World Health Organization. Researchshows that over 19.5 million people in the United States of Americaare victims of drug abuse (Lewis,et al. 2014).Considering the impact of substance abuse, it is evident that ournext generation is at risk due to the health issue they are likely toface if the current trend continues. The number of drug addicts iswanting, and this creates the need to fight against this threat todevelopment.


Thecontrolled substances act is critical for the controlled used of thecommonly misused drugs. It was valid from October 27, 1970, as acountermeasure to prevent dependence on drugs and substance abuse andencourage rehabilitation of the addicts. The law was an attempt tocover the high rate of smuggling unapproved drugs into the countrythat made of the people to be addicts and in turn lazy at that time.The law governs the possession, importation, manufacture,distribution and the use of certain drugs. It was signed into law byPresident Nixon Richard to serve as the national executinglegislation for the Single Convention on Narcotic drugs. Therefore,it is evident that the piece of legislation described above has adirect relationship with the social issue being discussed in thisessay. Typically, the law governs the illegal use of certain drugs tominimize the addiction to those drugs by the Americans. This impliesthat the primary purpose of the Controlled Substances Act is toensure that there is minimal substance abuse by the people of theUnited States through limiting all of the processes related to thedrug such as the manufacture and transport of those substances(Maisto,et al. 2014).Lastly, it is critical to note that this act was signed into law atthe time when substance abuse and addiction was high. Therefore itserved as the counter move to regulate the use of certain drugs andin turn, avoid abuse and addiction. As time has gone, things havechanged, and the act is now irrelevant unless it is amendedaccordingly.

Inconclusion, for a country such as American which has higher goals toachieve as time goes by, it is important to deal with the retardingfactors that might lead to slow progress. One of the major retardingfactors is substance abuse that has been discussed above in detail.Research has it that all of the successful nations had to fightagainst drug abuse and ultimately ban it in their countries so thatthey could achieve their dreams. This statistic leaves us with nochoice but to deal with substance abuse so that we can realize ourgoals. Additionally, we should fight drug abuse due to the healthrisks associated with its use so that we can have a healthy nationwhich is one of the most crucial factors for the success of thenation as a whole. Through some of the recommendations mentionedabove in this paper, it is possible to end the problem of drug abuseand focus on other important matters in the nation.


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