Summary of the Guest Speaker

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of the Guest Speaker

of the Guest Speaker

Thecore subject of discussion in the speech is about education with themain agenda being the school financing decisions. The school fundingsystems are considered to be a robust and viable program to improvethe education systems in the country. As such, the speaker togetherwith some colleagues joined forces to advocate for the equity inschools financing systems however, there were those who were againstthe program development implementation. This conflict of interestresulted in a court case where a group of plaintiffs sued thegovernment for unconstitutional funding of public schools, but,because of the unjust judiciary system ruling the case, it was lost.That did not make the supporters for equitable school financingsystems to relinquish their decision instead they started to developmany ideas to make a difference to classrooms and schools.

Theirinitial decision to involve organizational leaders and politiciansand provide them with advice was later proved to be problematic and amistake. He felt that they were not right in addressing the matter.They were also aware that obtaining government assistance would seemlike a challenge as they have restrictions regarding the allocationof funds to projects. They then resorted to collaborate with schoolsofficials and educators who will willingly support similar views.However, they were faced with multiple challenges where targetpopulation including principals and teachers had fear and insecurityconcerns about their superiors as they felt they would either losetheir jobs, among other things. As such, they had to be guaranteedsecurity, anonymity, and confidentiality of their responses so as toprovide data and information.

Thespeaker also touched on food programs in schools. After observingthat schools were throwing food away, he offered the suggestion thatschool officials should establish a structure in which, any excessfoods can be distributed. He also touches on the impact of studentswhen they fail exams. His suggestion is that students should be giventhe opportunity to progress to the next class provided that theyshowed improvements in their studies. This prompted a query from oneparticipant, &quotwhy education?” which was responded to by sayingthat it is meant to improve one’s lifestyle and wellbeing. Anotherconcern is that he also noted a significant gap in the schooldistrict structures in terms of facilities, staff payroll, etc. Assuch, he believed that there should be an efficient cap system tocontrol the disparity. He finishes his speech by commenting on whatthe state government and relevant concerned entities can do toimprove infrastructure or projects in a particular region or statefor the welfare of the residents. For effective implementation, therehave to be full commitments, time, and resources to achieve desiredoutcomes.


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