Superficial Sonography and Ultrasound

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SuperficialSonography and Ultrasound

SuperficialSonography and Ultrasound

Descriptionof Case Study

A case study is presented of a 23-year-old man admitted to theemergency department having been assaulted.

Signs and Symptoms

The patient complained of significant pain at the groin region. He issubjected to an ultrasound examination.

In the course of the assessment, it is determined that the patientis tender at the right testicular area.

Further, there is evidence of the scrotal swelling and ecchymosis.The patient is diagnosed with an intratesticular hematoma(Mirochnik, Bhargava, Dighe, &amp Kanth, 2012). However, it wascrucial to rule out the possibility of other pathologies byconducting a thorough examination.


The testis is covered by a layer of white fibrous connective tissueknown as the tunica vaginalis and tunica albuginea. The viscerallayer covering the testis is the visceral layer while the parietallayer lines the hydrocele sac (Mirochnik et al., 2012). In theevent of a testicular rupture, the tunica albuginea is significantlyaffected. The amount needed to rupture the testis is about 50kg(Mirochnik et al., 2012). A traumatic event resulting in aviolation of the albuginea can lead to an extrusion on theseminiferous tubules. The effect is the escape of the intratesticularhemorrhage which escapes to the tunica vaginalis. It results in ahematocele. Alternatively, the destruction of tunica vaginalis couldlead to bleeding into the scrotal wall which causes the scrotalhematoma (F. et al., 2011).

The testis is protected from external trauma by two primary factors.They include a thin layer of fluid that is serous and separates thetunica vaginalis from the tunica albuginea (F. et al., 2011). Thefluid enables the testis to move slide freely. The testis is equallysuspended in the scrotum allowing for free movement in the genitalarea. A physical event resulting in trauma causes the identifiedeffects.


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