Synthesis Paper Characteristics of the Covenant, Israel`s Sin, the Judges, Important themes of Proverbs and God`s Promises to Abraham Questions

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SynthesisPaper: Characteristics of the Covenant, Israel’s Sin, the Judges,Important themes of Proverbs and God’s Promises to Abraham


Writea three-to four-page paper addressing the following

  1. Summarize the characteristics of the covenant that you see in Joshua 5:1-12 and Joshua 24, where the Hebrews said, “We will serve the Lord our God and obey Him.”

  1. Discuss your thoughts as to why the book of Joshua begins and ends with these repetitions of the covenant.

  1. Select one judge from the book of Judges

  1. Briefly describe the surrounding historical context of Israel’s sin, its oppressors, their cry to God in repentance or cry for mercy, and God’s deliverance through the Judge.

  2. Detail how the general behaviors of each party fit into covenant agreement or covenant violation (God, the judge, and Israel).

  1. List and describe the major contributions of David’s monarchy to the establishment of the nation of Israel. Use notes at the beginning of 2 Samuel in the life application study Bible to answer this question.

  1. Discuss God’s promise to David in 2 Samuel 7

  2. Describe how these promises compare with God’s promises to Abraham in Genesis 12.

  3. Describe how these two ‘covenants’ are still meaningful in our time.

  1. Billy Graham is said to have read through the book of Proverbs each month for many years of his life

  1. Discuss the value of this habit

  2. Describe the ‘important themes’ in proverbs as described in your textbook.

  3. Discuss the basic ‘black and white’ issues described in yourcontrasting results of choosing wisdom and choosing folly.

Characteristicsof the Covenant

Itis after the Israelites had crossed river Jordan and was preparing toconquer the Promised Land when God instructed their leader, Joshua,that it was had reached the time for the Hebrews to restore their endof the Mosaic covenant. In Joshua 5:2, the Bible says in King JamesVersion “atthat time the Lord said unto Joshua, Make thee Sharp knives, andcircumcise the children of Israel the second time”(Joshua 5:2). God then instructs Joshua to enter Canaan and take overthe country as their supply of daily manna was almost ending (Joshua5:12). It is after following the commands of God that Israel becomesvery successful and defeats the inhabitants of Canaan. Finally,Joshua instructs all the tribes of Israel to go to the Promised Landand defeat their enemies (Joshua 22:1-4). In Joshua 24:24, the peopletell Joshua that the Lord is their God and they will serve him andobey his voice. In Joshua 24:25, the Bible ends with the repetitionof the covenant to show its significance, “SoJoshua made a covenant with the people that day, and set theme astatute and an ordinance in Shechem.”The characteristics of the covenant thus, are that it made Israel agreat nation, cursed upon their enemies and also evangelized theworld.

HistoricalContext of Israel’s Sin

Soonafter the Israelites had defeated their enemies in their PromisedLand, the several tribes spread through the land of Canaan. Joshuawas not able to close to all the tribes, and thus they started todisobey God. The tribes started intermarrying and staying with theenemies, they also started to worship the idols and, therefore,sinned a lot (Judges 1:19-36, 2:11). Just after two generations,Israel had turned against God, and they then worshiped idols (Judges2:10-11).

Godbecame very angry as the Israelites now worshiped Baal and Ashtoreth.God then let the enemies of Israel to regroup and punish theIsraelites. One of the oppressors is Aram Naharaim, who enslaved theIsraelites for eight years before they started crying out to God inrepentance and for mercy. God heard their cry and he provided a manknown as Othniel. Othniel fought the enemies and freed theIsraelites. He then ruled the over Israel for a long period full ofpeace but died after the forty years and Israel went back to theirsinful ways.

TheIsraelites were taken into control by Eglon of Moab and oppressed forthe second time, and they cried out to God the second time for mercy.God answered their prayers by sending a man called Ehud. Ehud went towar with Eglon and defeated him. Israel saw 80 years of peace afterEglon was defeated.

Thecycle of sin, oppression, redemption and peace in Israel went on formany years including the time when God gave Deborah permission tostop the oppression. Deborah together with her military commander,Barak went to war and defeated their oppressor. The Israelites peacebut again went back and worshiped the idols and thus did not keeptheir promise of the covenant with God (Lennox, 133-134). They werecaptured and oppressed until God sent the final judge- Samuel.

Contributionsof David’s Monarchy to the Nation of Israel

Godcalled Samuel to anoint the first kings of Israel. Samuel startedworking by first anointing Saul to be the first King. After King Saulindicated that he could not follow God’s commands, Samuel anointedDavid to be the king of Israel. King David followed God’s commands,and he was, therefore, anointed as the ruler of Judah (2 Samuels2:4).

Soonafter he became the king of all of Israel, King David made Jerusalemto be his capital city. This greatly assisted in the development ofIsrael since Jerusalem had various strategic advantages, with thebest being sitting near the Judah-Benjamin border and also near thecenter of Israel.

KingDavid also made a replacement of the individual city-states and thetribal councils which were being used in the past by the twelvetribes of Israel. This helped in the protection of land because themilitary was now controlled by the king and not the tribes (Judges5:15-16).

God’sPromises to David and to Abraham

Inthe Bible, God made a promise to David that if the Israelitescontinued having faith in Him, he would make David’s name to begreat and the kingdom of Israel would be established for eternity byDavid and his family, God also promised David that the Israeliteswould never be oppressed again or lose their land. While David waspromised a great name, an establishment to the kingdom of Israel,Abraham was promised more a great name, a blessing to the wholeworld and a large number of descendants and a curse to all hisenemies. These two covenants promised to David are still meaningfulas the humans are not oppressed.

ImportantThemes in the Book of Proverbs

Thevalue of habit of reading the book of Proverbs is that it makes thereader to translate the principles he reads in the book intopractice. This book is loaded with significant themes such as love,generosity, and wisdom vs. folly or God being the source of wisdom.


Lennox,S.J. (2009). God with Us: An Introduction to the Old Testament.Marion, IN: Triangle


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