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Clinicaldecision support systems are tools that integrate health-relatedinformation to help physicians make effective decisions regardingpatient or disease specific tasks (Bouma,2010). These systems will help nurses to reduce duplication of theunnecessary test by controlling and monitoring orders from onecentral point. An example of a CDS tool is computerizedalerts, which is annoying as it pops up alerts interrupting processesand activities of physicians. In future, a CDS tool should bedeveloped where it integrates the schedule of doctors and organizesappointments with clients who have personalized profiles with thehospital`s website. CDS tools are the current best ways for avoidingmisdiagnosing and ensuring patients keep up with the correct medicinedosage (Bouma,2010).

Gerontechnologyinvolves the study how technology and environment can be designed toensure that senior citizens can use them comfortably (Graafmansetal.,2014). Gerontechnology is important because it helps us to learn about theneeds of older people and how we can satisfy them. It also allowssenior citizens to stay independent and keep up with socialparticipation. Organizations like WHO ensure technology is developedso that senior citizens can take care of their well-being and health(Graafmansetal.,2014).

Artificialintelligence involves avatars programmed on smartphones wherepatients say all their symptoms and it diagnoses them (Kaplan,2011). Thewhole process is computerized. Understanding the role that artificialintelligence plays in healthcare will lead to overall improvements inmedical care services offered because it makes health care easy andaccessible (Kupermanetal.,2010). Italso makes nursing practice simpler as it gives a small list ofprobable diseases during the diagnosis.


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