Thank you Ma`am

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Thank you Ma’am

I think Mrs. Jones is not foolish in trusting Roger. The claim can beattributed to the fact that she seems to have undergone what the boyis going through. According to this confession, I can say that thewoman did the right thing as she had hoped that one would do the samefor her when she was young.

Mrs. Jones turned around and kicked the boy in his blue-jeaned sitterwhen he did not manage to escape. She later shook the boy till histeeth rattled and asked him to give the bag back. The woman’scharacter from this action is that she is a very understanding woman.The trait has been proved to be right because the story has revealedthat the woman has undergone the same experience. These actions areconnected to her experiences because she snatched other people’sbags when she was young.

Later when he was left with the purse, he handed it to her because hewanted to gain her trust that his intentions were clean. Roger’sattitude and behavior changed for the best. He came to see that thereare kind people in the world. The woman even said that she would havetaught him what was right or wrong if he was her son.

During the meal, the two talked about Mrs. Jone’s job. However, shedid not want to ask any personal questions about the boy because thekid would have narrated about his challenges. The result would bethat the child would develop self-pity for himself.

When Rodgers left the apartment, he said, “Thank you, Ma’am,”while at the door. However, the boy tried to speak, but all he couldwas moving his lips. I think the boy wanted to say that his life hadbeen transformed by the act of kindness. He could, however, not saymore because he could not believe that the same person she wasstealing from gave him food and money.

The actions will have an effect on the boy’s future in that he willlearn to trust other people. The woman made the right choice intreating him in such a manner because she taught him the theory ofcause and effect. That is, the things got through evil motives willcome to haunt him in the future.

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