The Black Lives Movement

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TheBlack Lives Movement


BlackLives Matter is an organization that was developed with the intentionof bringing the brutality of the police and vigilantes against blackpeople to light. The group establishes that blacks are also valuableindividuals in society, and, that they should not be marginalized. Anexample of an outsider in the movement is Alicia Garza. Her actionswere recognized after George Zimmerman was acquited after killingTrayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African-American. Garza reposted theFacebook status of a friend, which gathered significant publicattention this led to the arrest of Zimmerman. In essence, anoutsider is an individual who operates outside the confines of power,finds getting other people to focus on his claims difficult, andresorts to attention-grabbing tactics with the intention of capturingthe attention of the media.

Aninsider claimsmaker is an individual who is closely linked to thepolicymakers. Lobbyists, politicians, and well-grounded interestgroups are examples of insider claimsmakers. President Barrack Obamais an example of this type of person in the Black Lives Mattermovement because he reacted by instituting police reform to curb thebrutality menace after the extrajudicial killings of the blackcommunity attracted his attention.

JoelBest’s book, chapter 5, places emphasis on the insider claimsmaker.The book highlights the interventions that the lobbyists,politicians, and top government officials can make to end racialdiscrimination. Social movements can be described as a group action.Social movement organizations, by extension, are groups ofindividuals that highlight social and political concerns. Black LivesMatter is the official name of the organization Trayvon`s killingled to the widespread recognition of the organization in the world.

Theconcept counter movement, in sociology, refers to a social movementwhose ideology is opposed to another movement’s position on aparticular issue. In essence, a different group of individuals maystart a new group with the intention of watering down the efforts ofa particular social organization. The primary purpose of developingcountermovements is to compete for the resources of politicalinterest. There are various countermovements to Black Lives Matter.These groups engage in the debates that draw the attention of thepublic from the brutality that the black community goes through, in abid to emphasize “whiteness.” Hashtags like #BlueLivesMatter,#AllLivesMatter, and #WhiteLivesMatter downplay the efforts of#BlackLivesMatter by looking down on Blacks in favor of the policeofficers and the White community.

Socialmovements can occur at either the local, national, or global levels.There are three approaches to categorizing social movements: Reform,Revolutionary, and Redemptive movements. Reform movements focus onhighlighting a particular issue about the social structure. Forinstance, Black Lives Matter is an example of a reform movement. Thegroup advocates for a change in the manner in which Blacks aretreated. Revolutionary movements are interested in transforming allfacets of society. The members of these types of groups are usuallymotivated to bring to bear a new status quo. The new order may bemore efficient, more inclusive, or even more liberal when compared tothe previous one. Lastly, redemptive movements place emphasis onnurturing the spiritual change of an individual or provoking hisinner growth. These types of groups are usually based on particularreligious inclinations. The persons that subscribe to the ideals thatthese organizations advance look at life in a different way comparedto the majority of the citizens.

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