The Importance of Reading

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TheImportance of Reading

TheImportance of Reading

Readingis an essential aspect for a child’s success. Little ones needproper guidance in order to overcome barriers to studying. Learningto recite follows a sequential process where new skills rely on theassimilation of the previously attained abilities. For example,through the task of decoding, infants learn how to break down wordsinto their basic sounds. This is followed by the ability tounderstand the meaning of those terms, sentences and eventually thewhole passage.

Teachersplay a vital role in helping the students know how to study and whatentails a good reader. One of the ways to demonstrate the importanceof learning to children is by reciting in class. The tutor isrequired to make the scholars understand various terms that may beambiguous. Johns (2008), posits that the instructor should narratewhat the youngster are skimming through. The educator should alsogive the young ones time to read in class.

Anotherway of demonstrating the importance of studying involves developing alasting interest in learning. The teacher should help childrenrealize that reading books is also as rewarding and refreshing aswatching TV. This can be enhanced by giving the little ones time tonarrate to their peers. Through this process the tutor enables thekids to discover the pleasures of reading.

Free,voluntary reading is also effective in enabling the childrenunderstand the importance of learning. Little ones should be providedwith materials that are easy to study, engaging, and enjoyable(Johns, 2008). The teacher should also avoid challenging materialsand focus on increasing the volume and range of resources such ascomics, magazines, novels, poetry and sophisticated picture books.Finally, youngsters should be helped to comprehend what they read byoffering scenarios that relate to the passages. This assists ininvoking thoughts and creating a sense of what is studied.


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