The media and its possible impact on elections

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Themedia and its possible impact on elections

Tobegin with, it is crucial to understand that one of the most criticalfunctions of the media is to educate people and make sure that peopleremain up to date with the latest upcoming news. As a result, themedia has a significant role to play when it comes to elections.Typically, it has its part in the proper functioning of democracy.Normally, debates on its functions within the electoral settingsoften narrows down to their role as the watchdog. It is also crucialto note that the media, in general, informs the public on howefficiently they have worked in holding them accountable. The mediacomes in various forms such as the television, radio, newspapers andthe social media among others. On the other hand, it has the big roleof aiding full public participation in the elections through variousmeans within their reach. This essay aims to discuss some of theimpacts of the media in the elections.

Mediaas the campaign platform

Themedia gives the politicians a platform in which they can debate theirmanifestos and allow the voters to choose the best candidates. Forinstance, live television debates are crucial since it allows thepublic to analyze the image of their future leaders and elect thebest candidate. During such debates, the candidates are likely togain more fame and possibly earn more votes since it’s the timethey reach more people in a discussion. Additionally, it is evidentthat the dailies and the social media are also a big campaignplatform for the candidates. Here, the candidates are allowed toreach their followers one by one and respond to their queries if any.Lastly, through the television debates, voters get to know theopinion of the candidates and understand them better. Typically, itis a reflection of what they are likely to do when they are elected.Also, this is a perfect platform that the candidates use to convincethe public that they are fit for the position. This is because theyget the opportunity to share their facts and explain what their planis in detail.

Themedia as a public educator

Themedia serves the function of providing education to the public andtimes encourages people on the importance of exercising theirdemocratic right. Through the media, there are higher chances ofincreasing the volume of people that vote since they have beenconvinced on how they can change the future of their country throughvoting. This is an important role of the media because it increasesthe number of voters and as a result, the majority will select themost appropriate candidate (Hong,et al. pp455-461).The media also informs the public on the impact of voting and some ofthe advantages in participating the electoral process.


Inthe course of the election, the media helps in keeping the publicupdated by reporting the development of an election campaign andultimately reports the number of votes of the candidates on thematerial day. It helps the voters to remain updated on any changes inthe campaigns of the candidates and monitors their behaviors too.This helps the public to stay posted on the current affairs and makethe correct decision when the time comes. Here, the media has morepower since it can build the campaign of the candidate or destroy itcompletely since the people tend to believe the media as a neutralstand. On the other hand, the media keeps the public posted when thevotes are being counted on the last day. This is a great role sinceit encourages transparency in the electoral process. As a result, theappropriate candidate will win since there will be no case of riggingthe elections because there will be many unanswered questions if itoccurs.

Themedia also provides a platform in which the candidates can discusswith each other and sell to the public on why they are the bestcandidates for that position. As mentioned above, television debatesare the only platform that the candidates get an opportunity todiscuss their manifestos and convince the public regarding theirrespective positions. Through this debates, they interact with thepublic and find time to respond to some of their disturbing questionsand convince the voters. Additionally, the candidates get to ask eachother questions and know each other better. The public is bound tochoose the best candidate depending on how they respond to thequestions (Hong,pp464-472).`This is a platform that helps the public to analyze the candidatesdepending on their interaction with their opponents and the public asa whole. Besides, they get to know more about the candidatesregarding their personal life. For instance, in the latest debatebetween Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton revealed more traits oftheir personal lives like using vulgar language against women and thepoor decision making against Clinton.

Lastly,the media plays a critical role in scrutinizing the process of theelection itself, including the polling management to evaluate thefairness of the process its probity and efficiency. It helps inanalyzing all the electoral processes to avoid any misconduct in thewhole process. The media has a great role to play when it comes tothe analysis of the electoral process to ensure that there isfairness in the whole process. Also, through the media, it ispossible to achieve fair elections because of the fear of watchingthe whole the whole process. The role of the media has rapidlychanged in the current century, and it now appears to be the largestplatform for the campaign of the candidates. Through the media, it ispossible to keep the public posted on all processes during theelection period to encourage transparency.


Insummary, it is crucial to understand that the media is not the solesource of information for voters, but it is has a great impact on theelectoral process. Typically, it determines the political agenda evenin the less developed countries. Classically, it is evident that themedia has a crucial role to play in the electoral process and it canbuild or destroy the foundation of the candidates since it persuadesthe public to support particular candidates. Therefore, it is notpossible to ignore the impact of the media inn the electoral process.As a result, candidates should be ready to use the media to convincethe public on how they will implement their manifestos. Inconclusion, the media plays a critical role in elections, and if usedappropriately it can positively impact the campaign of thecandidates.


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