The Presidential Election Abstract

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ThePresidential Election


TheUS Presidential elections are due in just about a months, and therace is very tight. The two candidates are Hillary Clinton, theDemocratic Party flag bearer and the Republican Party flag bearerDonald Trump. These two have different takes on the issues of taxes,business, and the economy. This article elaborates what each of themis proposing when it comes to the economy.

Hillary’sTake on the Economy.

Mrs.Clinton has experience in both international and domestic policymatters. She has therefore given the American people proposals in allareas of day to day life (New York Times, 2016). On economic issues,Clinton backs efforts to have the federal minimum wage raised.Clinton proposes tax codes as a way of giving companies tax breaks.Companies with apprenticeship programs or those that share with theirstaff profits will be eligible for these tax breaks. She would likehouseholds, with high-income, to pay more taxes (Jacobson, 2016).

Trump’stake on Economy

Trumphas been a CEO for a long time but lacks experience in electoralpolitics. Trump believes that the economy faces an irreversibledepression. In his view, there is a need for massive tax cuts andrenegotiation of trade deals with America’s allies. He also plansto put more money in defense and reduce the budget on healthcare forveterans and border security once elected. Trump promises not tochange funding for Medicare and Social Security and also would likehuge tariffs imposed on items coming from Mexico and China (Jacobson,2016).


BothClinton and Trump have good proposals when it comes to the Americaneconomy. If their take on the economy was the yardstick fordetermining the next president of America, who do you think wouldwin?


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