The Soloist

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TheSoloist is a movie that was produced in the year 2009. The movie waswritten by Susannah Grant, directed by Joe Wright, and produced byboth Gary Forster and Russ Krasnoff. It revolves around a certain manwho possessed much prowess in playing the cello but unfortunately hesuffered from schizophrenia which almost ruined his life, but thesituation was salvaged (McClure,2010).The main actors in the film are Jamie Foxx who takes the role ofNathaniel Ayers, Robert Downey Junior who acts as Steve Lopez andCatherine Keener who stars as Mary, Steve’s ex-wife. The movie hassome real lessons about not giving up on anything and was more thanworth its screening


Ascited above, Steve is Mary’s ex-husband and he being a journalist,finds himself working for Mary as an editor, which is honestly quiteunusual. However, the main part of the film comes into play whenSteve was having a rest and hears the sound of a violin being playedand finds out the wizard behind that was Nathaniel Ayers (McClure,2010).He later came to find out that he was a homeless man but had actuallyattended the prestigious Julliard. Steve later finds out that Ayershad dropped out of school after suffering from schizophrenia and wasnow living in the streets. He took it upon himself to seek help forAyers by publishing an article about him, and someone was obviouslytouched by the story, and sends a cello for Nathaniel. This seemednot to be the problem, but a determined Lopez still went ahead to geta doctor for Ayers and also tries to get an apartment for him(McClure,2010).All this was not without challenges as Ayers frustrated any effortsto help him. The resilience showcased by Lopez paid off as he wasable to find someone that could rehabilitate Ayers through music andit is obvious that their meeting was not in vain (Nicolas &ampFarhadian, 2013). While such cases are not limited in the world, thefilm has its fair share of originality.


  1. The Effects of Homelessness- As seen in the case of Ayers, homelessness instilled in him a certain fear and disinterest in people. Staying alone out in the cold also contributed to his mental problem, and this is seen clearly when he tries fighting against someone who genuinely wants to help him.

  2. Communication through Music- In this film, Lopez realized that the only way he could get to Ayers was through the latter`s love for the violin and actually this was what solved Ayer`s problem at the end (Nicolas &amp Farhadian, 2013).

  3. Caring for the Mentally Ill- In this film, Lopez ought to receive a lot of credit for his resilience and involvement in the healing process for Ayers. The stubbornness showed by Ayers could have made Lopez to give up on him, but when he realized what Ayers was really suffering from, he made it his personal duty to find a solution for it.


Thefilm has some great camerawork and much credit to Seamus Mc Garveyfor a wonderful job. The camerawork is amazing so much that evensomeone who does not really like the theme of the movie will juststay glued to enjoy the screenplay and the graphics. The choice ofthe costumes was also done well as it brought out the themes of thefilm quite well.


Thismovie simply talks about how we should embrace those people in thesociety that are suffering more so those having a mental condition.It actually emphasizes on the fact that we should not give up on themno matter how long it may take us to find a solution for them. To befair, the movie deserves 4 stars**** because though the main messageis not quite unique, it is wonderfully done.


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