Therapeutic and Non-Therapeutic Communication

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Therapeuticand Non-Therapeutic Communication

Therapeuticand Non-Therapeutic Communication


Thevideo presents a nurse who tries to assist a patient. The client isuncomfortable in the hospital and annoyed following her encounterwith a previous nurse. Her reaction and that of the current nursemakes the scenario full of both therapeutic and non-therapeutictechniques of communication.


First,there is active listening where the nurse tends to pay closeattention to what the patient has to say regarding her experiencewith the condition. While doing this, she observes the client’sverbal and non-verbal cues. She also maintains eye contact and makesverbal comments to give way for further communication. Secondly,there is silence where both the patient and the nurse stop havingverbal statements. This allows them an opportunity to think aboutwhat they have discussed and see what needs to be the way forward.Third, the nurse encourages explanations of insights by requestingthe patient to describe her feelings. It enables the nurse tointerpret the views and perceptions of the client regarding hersituation. Fourth, the nurse encourages comparisons (Stuart,2013).She asks the patient to give an account of what she would use todescribe her feelings on a measure of one to ten. This makes itpossible for the nurse to understand the differences and similaritiesbetween the patient’s behaviors and feelings.


First,there is the aspect of overloading where the patient tends to talkrapidly, change topics quite often, and ask many questions than thenurse can absorb at a time (Stuart,2013).Thismakes it impossible for the nurse to begin assessing the patient.Therefore, she considers going out for the client to cool down.Secondly, there is the element of value judgments as the patientgives her opinion about the non-professionalism of the previousnurse. It is more emphasized when she sends contradictive verbalmessages about the cause of her discomfort.


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