Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

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ThomasJefferson University Hospital

General information

Name of the Institution: Thomas Jefferson University hospital

Type: A non-profit hospital affiliated to the Thomas Jefferson University.

Year of establishment: It was established in1852 as a medical college

CEO: Stephen Klasko

Number of physicians: 1176

Number of employees: 7883 (United States Healthcare News, 2015).


Number of beds: 937

Admissions: 47872

Surgical cases: 72504

Outpatient visits: 475,031

Emergency room visits: 120,423

Number of residents in training: 86 (United States Healthcare News, 2015).

Financial Highlights

Total patient service revenue: $2,555,976.4

Percent Medicare: 31.6%

Percent Medicaid:25.0%

Percentage of managed care and commercial: 18.3%

Percentage of self-pay: 21%

Total expenditures: $2,895,640.9

Total operating income: $73,068.4

Charity care: $43,456

Value of total assets: $4,554,843.7

Total grant and contract revenue: $68,794.9

In the News

  • On 19th March, 2007, Dr. Scott and Silvestry and Linda Bogar became the fisrt physicians in Philadelphia to implant a heart assist system to a patient. Since it was the first of its kind, they patented it as Jarvik 2000 (United States Healthcare News, 2015).

  • In 2014, the United States News and World Report ranked the facility as the 17th best in the country. In particular fields, it ranked 7th in orthopedics, 11th best in the pulmonology specialty and among the 17 model diabetes centers.

  • In 2009, the American Nurses Credentialing Center awarded the hospital the MAGNET recognition award for having a supportive structure for practice and continuing education.

  • In 2013, the state of Philadelphia included 75 physicians from the hospital in its list of Top Annual Doctors (Jefferson Medical College, 2013).

  • The institution has also been recognized as the 11th best hospital in adult specialties and 2nd in the Philadelphia metro area.

  • The members of staff have also performed exemplary well and they have been consistent winners of Advance for Nurse Best Team Award and Nightgale Awards of Pennsylvania.


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