VALS Survey

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VALSalso known as Values attitude and lifestyle is survey devised toassess individual’s personality to establish the relationshipbetween persons and the products they buy. The survey exploresquestions relating to media, preferences, demographics, attitudesalongside other aspects. By setting up a personality profile,marketers utilize the information to position their products based onthe traits of their target market. When I took VAL survey, I got theprimary classification of an experiencer which indicates that am animpulsive buyer who makes risky selections and views friends as beingcrucial. Besides, it means that am a person who is interested inanything more so by spending a significant share of my income onproducts that offers me with a sense of importance. Regardingsecondary classification, the survey defines me as a maker thismeans I have great interests and believe in sharp gender tasks andalso want to possess a land in future(VAL, 2016).

Itotally disagree with these results as they fail to exemplify myidentity. The primary category which fits me well is an innovatorthe survey describes innovators as being successful and assumesresponsibility with high self-esteem. Besides, they are persons whoaccept changes and are most open to new ideas and technologies. Also,innovators are active consumers whose purchasing behavior reflectscultivated tastes for services and niche products (VAL,2016).I believe this classification fits me since I feel am successful, Ischool in one of the best universities and my results are incredible.Also, I take charge in various roles, for instance, I own my ownbusiness, and it is doing well. Additionally, I believe my secondarytype is thinkers since I am a learned person who owns productiveresources such as a car, business, and a house. I get motivated bymy knowledge, rational decision maker and well informed regarding mysurroundings. Besides, am flexible in that I accept social changebecause of the level of my knowledge.


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