Value-based Care in Nursing

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Value-basedCare in Nursing

Health care institutions need to focus on ensuring that they deliverthe best services to patients. The approach adopted by a givenorganization should be able to improve the outcome of treatment forpatients (Kavanagh, Cimiotti, Abusalem, &amp Coty, 2012). Theinitial post identified the concept of a shift from volume-based tovalue-based care. The successful change in practice depends on howwell the particular nurses can adopt the concept. Despite the need toadopt value-based care when it comes to service provision, not allnurses are in a position to change their way of practice.

The nurses are likely to encounter challenges when it comes toshifting from volume-based to value-based care. For example, thedecision to follow-up on patients may be an uphill task for some ofthe nurses. It may not be easy to regularly keep in touch withpatients and get to know how they are faring. The nurses deal with asignificant number of patients in a population and have the mandateof improving the treatment outcomes (Swensen, Pugh, McMullan, &ampKabcenell, 2013). It could be difficult to single out an individualpatient and continually check on how they are doing.

The other challenge that could arise when it comes to the adoption ofvalue-based care regards the need to shift from routine to a new wayof conducting activities. Some of the nursing practitioners havebecome acquainted with the concept of volume-based care. Theintroduction of a new method could make it difficult for some of themto exercise nursing practice. It is a challenge that some of thenurses may have to deal with as they discharge their duties.

However, the challenges can be addressed by introducing the changesin a steady and progressive manner. Through the same, it would bepossible to ensure that nurses embrace the concept with ease withoutfeeling the pressure of doing so.


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