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Thevideo presents us withthe understanding of the most important aspect of advertisement. The“mad men” initially are seen not convinced by the fact ofintegrating the wheel into their advertisement. They ask one of theexperts in the room that havejust arrivedif he has found the importance of the wheelin their project. They pose that the bikeis mostly viewed as exciting technology but is not original(Tudor,2012)

Thegentleman arrives right away and tries to unfold the generalthings that most people do not realize abouttheir subject matter. He tells them about one Greek man called Teddythat informed him on the importance of technology especially thewheel. Teddy saidthat the major underlying and significant thing when it comes toadvertising is creating aniche. Thedeeper band of commodities and products nostalgia is usuallydelicate.

Accordingto Greek, nostalgia means the pain that comes from anold woman.He continues to explain to them that the heart is more powerful ascompared to the memory of brain. He shows and demonstrates to them asmallproduct,but the item takes people to different places. It is not just calleda wheelbut is more of that. It leadsus aroundthe world and back to places we know that we are all alone(Tudor, 2012).

Fromthe series,I understand marketing is all about creating a niche that is makingthe products and commodities to move all around the world as thewheel do. The information on the wheelshould be transmitted aroundand around till a niche comes up. Advertisement major goal is toinform people from different parts of the world until the company ororganization feels it is all alone.


Tudor,D. (2012). Selling nostalgia: Mad men, postmodernism,and neoliberalism.&nbspSociety,&nbsp49(4),333-338.

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