Virgin Bus of Buffalo

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VirginBus of Buffalo

Undoubtedly,Richard Branson is one of Great Britain’s most celebratedentrepreneurs of the 21stcentury. He is the founder and owner of The Virgin Group Limited andall its subsidiaries (Moslener, 2015). The author notes that VirginGroup, by way of all its affiliates, engages in a myriad of businessventures including (but not limited to): financial services,entertainment, travel and leisure, telecommunication, health andfitness, and people and planet programs. In this regard, The VirginGroup Limited is a highly diversified business empire under thestewardship of Richard Branson. The Virgin Brand, virtuallyinseparable from its founder, reflects a blend of his Britishcharacter and freestylemanagement approach that does not encourage bureaucracy, has minimalmanagement layers, and empowers in-house employees. Richard Bransonis both admired and criticized for his energetic and creativemanagement style (Moslener, 2015).

Accordingto Moslener (2015), The Virgin philosophy of creating a new businessis based on Branson’s character of venturing into industries wherelethargic companies occasion a huge number of underserved andunsatisfied customers. In Richard’s world, these causes ofinadequacies are opportunities for The Virgin Group to step-in andshake the sluggish industry by providing value added alternativeswhich explains why most of Virgin Group’s subsidiaries arestart-ups (Moslener, 2015). Drawing upon the Virgin principle ofestablishing a new business venture and management model, this paperis a plan of creating VirginBus of Buffalo,the firm’s new business model. VirginBus of Buffalois established with the objective of improving bus ridership. Muchhas been discussed about increasing bus ridership, but seldomanything is done to attain that objective. An increased use of busessuggests fewer vehicles on the road, ease of traffic congestion, andimprovement of air quality. In light of this transit issue, thispaper is a report on the external and internal strategies that willmake VirginBus of Buffaloa great success.



Thegreatest element that will guarantee the success ofis centered upon the realization of competitive advantage throughsynergy in the firm’s most treasured asset human resource. It isthe opinion of Moslener (2015) that it is an organizational culturefor Virgin Group to draw upon individuals that are talentedthroughout the enormous number of its employees to steer newventures. This is part of the company’s management tradition ofempowering its employees. Therefore, the human resource that will beselected to steer VirginBus of Buffaloto commercial success will be persons seconded from subsidiaries ofThe Virgin Group. These individuals will be selected on the basis ofexperience, skills, and knowledge. Housing proficient employees,VirginBus of Buffalowill definitely have a competitive advantage making it a greatsuccess (Moslener, 2015).

Trainingof Employees

Acquiringthe most qualified employees is the first step to VirginBus of Buffalo’sjourney to commercial success. Occasional training of employees isvital to ensure that they are equipped with up-to-date information ofcommercial and industrial protocols. In this regard, The Virgin Grouphas a culture of training its employees, in which it createsstrategic companies with other reputable companies where itsemployees go to amplify the already acquired knowledge (Moslener,2015). In this regard, the new employees of VirginBus of Buffalowill be periodically trained on industry specific knowledge,operational expertise, and relevant skills. Training will increasethe odds of VirginBus of Buffaloturning out successful because the firm will have highlywell-informed employees giving it a considerable degree ofcompetitive advantage.


Asinitially conceptualized, The Virgin Group reflects Richard Branson’sdisrespect of conventional management styles. Claiming to have neverread any management book, Branson often says that he came up with hisunique management style. Breaking away from the conventional stylesof management, The Virgin Group displays a management style thatprioritizes in-house personnel first, customers second, and thenstakeholders (Moslener, 2015). Therefore, the managers of VirginBus of Buffalowill be empowered to propel the firm to success autonomously butwork in liaison with other subsidiaries when coining solutions tocommon commercial problems. VirginBus of Buffalowill be a success because of the proven unique style of managementwhich has evidently worked for the company since inception.


SinceVirginBus of Buffalois aimed at increasing bus ridership, the company will be a successwhen it engages itself with the innovation of new commuter servicesthat will substantially improve customer experience. For instance,the firm can differentiate its commuting services into value-addedcustomer services that improve customer experience when using thebuses. Instituting such customer services will certainly give VirginBus of Buffaloa competitive advantage over its competitors making it a greatsuccess.



Inbusiness, sometimes the key to success is studying how competitorsare strategically poised in the industry. This entails studying howcompetitors dowhat they doin the industry (Moslener, 2015). In this regard, The Virgin Grouphas always been a success by reviewing why companies have failed intheir respective industries, stepping into the picture to solve thedeficiency making money in the process. Therefore, VirginBus of Buffalowill be a success if it closely analyzes the strategic placing of itscompetitors, providing a solution for areas where these industriesfall short. Once this is realized, VirginBus of Buffalowill be a great success.


Theother factor that will make VirginBus of Buffaloa success is its visual appearance (customer appeal). Once the firmis up and running, the greatest facilitator of its visual appearance(customer appeal) is TheVirgin Brand.As initially conceptualized, Richard Branson and his businesses arevirtually inseparable. Therefore, the new business venture will bepropelled to success owing to Branson’s reputation, his unrivallednetwork of partners and friends, and his reputable management styleall of which are trademarks of Branson’s businesses. VirginBus of Buffalo’saffiliation to The Virgin Group will instantaneously guarantee itssuccess because of the internationally renowned brand.


Partof Richard Branson’s industryshakingsecret is competitively pricing high quality products and prices. Perse, competitive pricing in this case implies a considerably fairerprice for Virgin Group’s quality products and services (Moslener,2015). VirginBus of Buffalowill be a success once it is established because it will place acompetitive price tag on the quality commuter services it will beproviding. This achieved, it will attract the unsatisfied customers,taking the new business off the ground onto higher planes of success.


Bearingin mind that this is a new venture, marketing it will be vital toguarantee its penetration and survival in the transport industry. Tothis effect, VirginBus of Buffalocan be a success if it engages in the propagation of informationregarding its existence, whatit does, and whyit should be the favorite commuting option. The new business modelwill incorporate technology to catapult the success of thecommunication strategies consequently increasing the customer base.According to Virgin’s culture, VirginBus of Buffalowill propagate messages through social media platforms, print media,and audiovisual platforms. Once this is achieved, the company will bein a path to success because the marketing protocols will potentiallygrab attention of the unsatisfied customers pulling them over to thetransit services provided by VirginBus of Buffalo.


RichardBranson’s Virgin Group Limited is one of the world’s mostrenowned brands. Considering of venturing into the transportindustry, this paper has reported on the various internal andexternal factors that will make its newest business model, VirginBus of Buffalo,a success. Generally, this paper is a blueprint of how Virgin Bus ofBuffalo will integrate into the general organizational culture andtraditional philosophies of The Virgin Group Limited. With thesuccessful execution of the items of discussion in this plan, VirginBus of Buffalowill definitely be a huge success in increasing bus ridershipconfirmed by the company’s reputable track record.


Moslener,S. (2015). Virgin Nation. RichardBranson and The Virgin Group of Companies.doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199987764.001.0001

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