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Institution Affiliation

Starwood Capital Group is composed of various corporate divisionsthat operate in several countries across the globe. The company hasover the years managed to stay ahead of other firms in the industryby adapting to changes effectively. Its ability to maintain acompetitive advantage over others companies has been reflected in theexpansion plan that has seen the company improves its globalpresence. The legacy business model focuses on the creation of acompetitive advantage and this has been evident in the merging ofvarious brands such as Westin and IIT Sheraton. Despite the companiesoperating in different environments, the merger had brought themunder one structure. Whereas Starwood was under the real estatefinance mentality, Sheraton was one of the leading franchise-drivenhotels and Westin was still an unknown entity. However, through thecreation of new unique products, the corporations have been able toindicate exceptional performances.

Based on Westin’s brand, the company’s target is the upperupscale market. In most instances, it is composed of companyexecutives who constantly travel and as such are in need to anexperience that goes beyond the standard hotel conditions. Thecompany provided a new experience to its customers through theintroduction of products such as the heavenly bed.

As the owner of Omni Property, it is important to be flexible anddynamic to counter any changes within the business environment. Inthis case, the most appropriate step to take would be to develop astrategy that would counter the one that has been created by Westin.However, the proposed plan must be cost-effective.

RevPAR (revenue per available room) refers to a financial ratio thatis used to determine the financial performance of the hospitalityindustry.







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