What a Quality Laptop Means to me.

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My laptop is part of my everyday life. Icannot go a day without using it or thinking about it. The only timeI can be without it is when I am on a camping trip in the woods atime to be away from technology. Otherwise, on an average day I couldspend up six hours in front of my laptop. I use my laptop forresearch, doing assignments, checking my mail, and entertainment. Fora laptop to do all the aforementioned tasks reliably, its softwareand hardware should be of good quality. It is for this reason that Igo for quality over design any day. I agree it is good to have astylish laptop, but then it should be able to do all the functionsthat you bought it for.

I perceive my laptop to be of high qualitybecause of a number of features. For starters, it has better graphicsthat give the screen a high resolution. This means that I can seeeverything clearly and when using it for watching videos, the qualityof their display is appealing to the eye. I also love the highquality graphics because I need a clear picture of my enemy for me toattack with precision when playing video games.

My laptop’s RAM is 4GB therefore the retrieval of files is quiteeasy. I do not have to wait in despair as my laptop loads a file. AllI have to do is click on it, and before I can even notice it, it isalready open. The large RAM is also crucial when I am multitasking.In some laptops, when you try to open another folder while playing agame, the screen freezes. However, for my computer, I can open asmany as 10 programs without interfering with its speed.

Its connectivity to the internet is alsoappalling. When my roommates complain of slow Wi-Fi, I can barelynotice a drop in my internet speed. I usually laugh at them when theysay they cannot load their mail while I am streaming videos on mine.The speed of the laptop makes it a key factor in my considerations,and I cannot think of buying a slow computer.

The outer casing of my laptop makes me perceiveit as low quality. I have owned it for a few months and its paint isalready peeling. No matter how much care I take when transporting it,the peeling just won’t stop. The numerous loose USB ports are alsoan indication of poor quality. Just a few weeks after its purchase,the ports could hardly hold a flash drive without me reinforcing themfrom a particular angle. Sometimes it could be frustrating especiallywhen I need information on the flash drive urgently.

I think most students would agree with mebecause they know the frustration that comes with a laptop that loadsfiles painfully slow, or one that has a weak connectivity to Wi-Fi.They can also agree that laptops that break down often because oftheir poor quality are a great inconvenience to any student.

There is a correlation between the quality of alaptop and it price. For instance, a laptop with a higher RAM andhard disc space will retail higher than that with lowerspecifications (Amazon.com, 2016). The finishing on a laptop, as wellas the outer look will also determine its price. Those with a strongcasing will retail higher than those with a weaker casing. It is uponthe buyer to find out which qualities matter the most before decidingto buy a laptop.


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