What are some Primary Effects of Happiness in Everyday Life?

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What are some PrimaryEffects of Happiness in Everyday Life?

Happiness refers to an emotional or mental state of well-beingcharacterized by pleasant or positive emotions that range from afeeling of contentment to intense joy. The effects of happiness ineveryday life are both short-term and long-term. This paper arguesthat happiness reduces stress, increase energy levels, andstrengthens the immune system.

Happiness reduces stress and increases energy levels. It does this bytriggering changes in the hormone cortisol responsible for causingstress (Newman, 2015). In turn, reduced stress levels have severalconsequences on an individual. For example, less stress means that aperson sleeps well and experience fewer mood swings. Reduced stresslevels result in slower beats per minute, which is important optimumproduction of energy (Newman, 2015).

Happiness strengthens a person’s immune system. A study conductedin 2003 revealed that the participants who reported experiencing themost positive emotions had lower chances of developing a fever afterbeing exposed to common cold during the experiment (Newman, 2015). Asa result of a strengthened immune system, happy people experiencefewer incidents of pain and aches. In a study conducted in 2001,participants were asked to rate their recent experiences of positiveoutcomes of happiness. Five weeks later, they were asked to report onthe number of incidents in which they had experienced negativeoutcomes such as dizziness, heartburn, and muscle strains. This studyconcluded that people who reported having experienced the highestlevels of positive emotions at the beginning of the study had fewerincidents of pains and aches (Newman, 2015).

In conclusion, happiness has both short-term and long-termconsequences in everyday life. It results in reduced stress andincreased energy which in turns helps a person sleep well andexperience stable mood. It also strengthens a person’s immunesystem, lowering his/her chances of developing pain and aches.


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