What is Business?

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Whatis Business?

Thearticle by Michael Bloomberg on the lessons he learnt from hismentor, William Salomon, is hugely eye opening. Michael Bloomberg isan American business magnate who was named the sixth richest personin the world this year, with a net worth estimated at fifty-onebillion dollars. Michael Bloomberg began his career at the SalomonBrothers securities brokerage firm, after which he opened hiscompany. Inhis article, Michael’s role is to disseminate the secrets toestablishing a successful business ideas he learned from histreasured mentor.

Thefirst key to success, according to Bloomberg, is an honestrepresentation of a business to a customer. A client can decide to gowith the firm because of the quality of product or service or not atall. For a business to be successful, Bloomberg (2015) also notesthat a leader should be a good listener, but still execute theirmanagement duties commendably by being decisive in all matters,optimistic, and respectful to all employees irrespective of theirposition in a firm.Accordingto Bloomberg (2015), the success of a business majorly boils down tothe leader of the business and how they handle the protocols of thefirm. Regardless of a manager’s hard work, Bloomberg notes that thesuccess of a business also depends on the personal character of aleader.

Iam sure of the fact that forming personal relationships withemployees and clients in business is very important in the 21stcentury business landscape. In the current world of digitalconnections, it is very easy for a business leader to giveinstructions to his/her employees through emails and other digitalplatforms. Being in touch, andencouraging a regular exchange of ideaswith employees, isthe most effective way for leaders to boost the commercial growth oftheir business (Bloomberg, 2015). Adopting this personal touch to mycareer with regard to customers is vital to guarantee that I haverepeat purchases owing to value-added product or service delivery.


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