What Makes a Story Easy to Read?

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What Makes a Story Easy toRead?

What Makes a Story Easy toRead?

The plot ofa narrative will mainly revolve around a main character to realizeclimax of a story and the resolution. Most narratives are easy toread because of choice of words, level of vocabulary and use offamiliar jargon.

Narrativeutilizes proper nouns and vivid verbs in description of people,places, buildings and actions. A narrative is easy to read if therange of specific nouns and accompanying adjectives are familiar tothe reader. The grandmother desired that the family visits Tennesseeas opposed to Florida states (O`Connor,&nbspandBlackstone, 2010). These places are knownglobally making itis easier for the reader to connectwith the story as it appears authentic and the language isaccessible.

Additionally,the choice of familiar register makes a text easy to read. Thelanguage used and subject of discussion in such writings isrecognizable and common to most readers. Thechoice of words reflects the slang used by majority of the readers inAmerica. For example, “If you don’t want to go to Florida, whydontcha stay at home?” has the word “dontcha” that isnon-standard (O`Conno and Blackstone, 2010p. 861). The use of non-standard andinformal language as in “Would you mind calling them children tosit down by you?” appeals to certain class of readers. To them, thetext is very accessible because of the range of familiar and easy tocomprehend words.

Also, themedium level of vocabulary will make a story easy to read. Low levelof vocabulary might be boring to read and high level vocabulary mightdeny readers comprehensibility. Simple vocabularies are preferred asthey support fast pace of reading while heavy vocabularies mightrequire more time for comprehension. The figures of speech, as in theexample where the grandmother’s head was compared to hippopotamusor cabbage, are all familiar to the reader too. Common day to daywords will generally appeal to our senses and feelings as the readerreads uninterruptedly.


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