Windshield Community Assessment/Cultural Assessment

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WindshieldCommunity Assessment/Cultural Assessment

WindshieldCommunity Assessment/Cultural Assessment


SanLorenzo community consists of various neighborhoods such asCherryland, Ashland, and San Lorenzo. The San Lorenzo community hasdeveloped over the years and now has many facilities that serve themembers of the public. Detailed studies have been conducted to showhow they carry out their lives. The purpose of the survey is toinvestigate the demographic data in the San Lorenzo community, theirreligious beliefs and culture, traditions, as well as healthcarefacilities in the neighborhood. The study aims at establishing howcertain living conditions, cultures, religious beliefs, andtraditions influence the San Lorenzo community. The study givesrecommendations on the areas of improvement in a bid to better thelives of the members of the San Lorenzo community.

SanLorenzo village is located in Alameda County, California in theUnited States. It has a population of 23,452 people as of the year2010 census. Thereare different tribes and races in the community.Examplesare Americans, African- Americans, Native American, Asians, and otherraces. The majority of the population consists of Hispanics.

SanLorenzo was built in 1944. It had a tract of two and three bedroomhomes for workers in the east bay’s war industries. It had parcelsdesignated for schools, churches, parks, and several retail centers(Bertolini, 2013). Home construction continued in the 1950s toaccommodate the growing population.

SanLorenzo has different communities such as San Lorenzo, Ashland, andCherryland. InAshland area, there is some garbage alongside the road and abandonedhouses. Some houses have double doors and windows while others havebars. The Cherryland area is overseen by the Cherryland CommunityAssociation that consists of volunteers who hold monthly meetings todiscuss the community’s issues (SanLeandro Farmers` Market at Bayfair Center,2016). Someareas of the community have well-maintained houses and lawns whileothers are not preserved at all. There are also some neighborhoodwatch-crime signs on the road, meaning the area has a lot of crimes.

SanLorenzo is governed by the County of Alameda because it isunincorporated. It is policed by the Alameda County Sheriff’soffice. The community has various schools like San Lorenzo HighSchool and Eden dale Middle School where students get educated.Thecommunity has trailer park homes where many of the houses are old anddo not have central heaters. Instead, they have wall heaters and noair conditions at all, which makes people’s living conditions poor.The majority of the families in Alameda County are couples followedby the female-headed households.

Homesin San Lorenzo are hard to come by, especially in the Bay Area. Thehousing conditions are great some houses even have bars. The smallerhouses have single garages whereas the bigger ones have doublegarages (SanLorenzo, CA Homes for Sale &amp Real Estate, 2016).The community also has apartments around the business premises forresidential for those trading in the area.

Themajority of the populations consist of the Hispanic people. Theculture is highly dependent on Catholicism. The majority of theHispanics are Christians, especially Catholics. They worship inchurches as there is the presence of the St. John Catholic Church.They believe there is heaven and purgatory where the souls of thedead rest. They believe that hell is set aside from heaven andpurgatory since it harbors evil spirits and devils (Hughes, 2016).The Hispanics have a rich Latin-American culture in traditions. Theyhave centers that provide space for the Hispanic community and forthe preservation of their culture.

Theliteracy rates in San Lorenzo are high since the children are takento school when they are young in the ages between 3 years and 5years. There is also a middle school, Eden dale and San Lorenzo highschool where the young adults receive education (SanLorenzo High School.(2016). This has led to greatemployments in the area since the community members are welleducated.

InSan Lorenzo, there are many fast-food joints such as KFC, New YorkPizza, Lee Donut, and Taqueria that have encouraged the community toconsume junk foods because the joints are easily accessible (KFC- San Lorenzo CA, 2016).These unhealthy eating habits have put most of the people in thecommunity at risk of diseases such high blood pressure, heartdiseases, hypertension, and stroke. The village has a 24-hour fitnesscenter where members of the community can access (SanLorenzo, CA Homes for Sale &amp Real Estate, 2016).Thefitness center enables the community people to stay healthy andprevent the above mentioned illnesses.

Population-basedepidemiological studies conducted in San Lorenzo show that mostHispanics suffer from hypertension. The prevalence of hypertension isindependently associated with age, alcohol consumption, body massindex, and glucose tolerance (Nwankwo,Yoon, Burt, &amp Gu, 2013).Those factors cannot fully explain the increased level ofhypertension in the region. The disease may be caused by the livingconditions that may lead to stress or depression though hypertensionmay be concluded to be genetically driven.

SanLorenzo also has a clinic, which is known Aftab clinic that peoplerely on though it is not efficient. The doctor in this clinic openson certain days of the week and does not have emergency services. Italso has a pharmacy on Walgreen store that opens for limited hours.In most cases, patients have to go all the way to San LeandroHospital for emergency services, which is not convenient because itis a few miles away from the community.

Traditionsin the area of San Lorenzo have influenced the health care decisionsin a manner that the Hispanic community disregards treatment untilthe conditions worsen. They delay getting medical attention until thedisease has spread. Certain cultural factors influence theirdecisions, for example, the expectation to tolerate pain withoutcomplaining (Adames, 2014). They alsobelieve that certain conditions such as pregnancies do not requiremedical attention since they are natural.

Thepeople working in Aftab clinic and in the pharmacy on Walgreen storeshould enhance their efficiency to gain competence within the area.They should add more staff to ensure they run all days of the weekthey should enable a 24-hour system for patients to visit anytime.Besides, they should also offer emergency services(, 2016).This will prevent the community members from going all the way to SanLeandro Hospital to receive medical care thus, the clinic will havegood attendance. This will enable the clinic to gain a competitiveadvantage in the area.


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