Workflow concepts

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Concerningyour three workflow concepts, a checklist is significant inhealthcare workflow efficiency. It helps improve the safety ofpatients. The level of errors is also reduced because sufficientinformation and consistent procedures are availed. Other than thedischarge checklist, there can be a patient transfer checklist. Withthe checklist, the medical practitioners gain confidence in processcompletions. Additionally, the checklists help reduce mortality,injuries, and complications. Personnel interview is also significantas you outlined. Using their opinion makes them feel importantpillars in MercyMedical Center. They will be satisfied with work, due to clearcommunicationchannels (Sharp&amp McDermott, 2014).Consequently, they will abide by the workflow requisites. Lastly, youspoke of making evaluations, but I suggest you put it as ‘evaluationsand control’. Do you agree with me on that? This is to make itclear that the process focuses on not only the negatives, but alsothe strengths of the workflow. The controls will help improve the badand make the good better. The article by Trembly has efficientlyaddressed the need for checklists to enhance efficiencies, andimprove safety. I agree that it is significant in making thepersonnel more accountable. Also, I accept your sentiments thattechnology enhances patient care and decreases cases of medicalerrors.


Sharp,A. &amp McDermott, P. (2014). Workflowmodeling.Boston: Artech House.


Concerningyour redesigning procedure, your first step of determining therequirements is operational. However, I suggest that you begin byconducting research before interviewing your staffmembers. This will ensure the interview is successful to enable youhandle any questions and inquiries. Your vendor selection procedureis also effective. Nevertheless, you should not only focus on itsworkability and efficiency, but also on its cost. Your organizationshould be able to purchase the system without straining its financesdespite the system’s effectiveness. Finally, it will be beneficialif your last step is termed implementation, evaluation, and control.(Reijers,2012)This will ensure effective follow-up activities to ensure the overallworkability of the system. From my perspective, the article you usedconcluded that standardized procedures enhance staff satisfaction.However, it is a shallow conclusion because the research was onlybased on the areas of immunization, screening, and diabetes. Theseare not enough to conclude the need to have standardized workprocedures. Lastly, I agree with your sentiments that technology inhealthcare should continually be improved, but with as minimalinterruptions as possible. But according to you, how can thistechnology be improved?


Reijers,H. (2012). Design and control of workflow process. Berlin:Springer.

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