Zappos Customer Service

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ZapposCustomer Service

ZapposCustomer Service

The&nbsprolethat customer service plays and determine the service managementskills at Zappos. Evaluate the different way(s) that Zappos creates asuperior customer service.

Customerservice is pivotal in ensuring there is a success for business. Thecustomer service management skills at Zappos give instantaneouscustomer service, ensuring all customer needs are solved real time.The leading customer service provision is a call center. The callcenter has employees who have pride in their jobs (ZapposCompany Culture – The Zappos Family on Nightline&quot, 2016).The training offered to the employees ensures that they exceed theexpectations of the calling customers at all times. More so, offers its users a very friendly interface to buyersordering and buying their items off the website. The relation betweenthe CEO and the employees reflects a warm working relation that isconcurrently transferred to the customers seeking services at Zappos(ZapposCompany Culture – The Zappos Family on Nightline&quot, 2016).The customers can receive shipping at no charges and returns on theiritems up to a full year from the purchase date, a unique service tothe firm. More so, the firm uses models to reveal the size of thecommodities on sale, which boosts the confidence of the customers.

Chooseat least two OM activities in Exhibit 1.1 from Chapter 1 of the text.Evaluate how each of the activities impacts the management of goodsand services that Zappos provides. Include one to two examples fromeach activity to support your position.

Withthe job encounter design, the employees at Zappos receive similarlevel of training. This ensures that all of the employees of the firmpossess a certain standard of skills to help them interact with anycustomer. It keeps the business flowing at all times, placing a veryhigh priority at the satisfaction of the customer. The trainingequips all the employees with the right skills to handle a customersuccessively.

Additionally,the quality of goods offered by Zappos influences the supply thesupply of goods and services to its clients. Zappos strives to ensureonly the best quality commodities reach the customers as high qualityreciprocates high satisfaction from the customer. The return policyof the business exists to offer a chance for the customers to returnany item they receive from Zappos that lies outside within theinitial specifications of the business interaction.


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